Two-word Domains

The first thing I do when DNJournal publishes the latest domain sales, I am looking for sold two-word domain names.

The highest reported domain sales for Mon. Nov. 27, 2017 - Sun. Dec. 3, 2017, show exciting results.

Besides (not two words) sold for a healthy $265,000, we have more reasonable prices for keyword enhanced domains. a keyword enhanced domain sold for $17,500. (why I did not think of this?) went for $16,000. is a little obscure a name but got $15,000.

Thus we have three domains listed in the top 20 for the above period going for a nice little sum.

Below the $10,000 mark, we have at $6,250, $6,100 $5,555 $5,500
and a really long one, selling for $3,600.

Other than the dot-com above there is €10,000 = $11,800 AUD 8,000 = $6,080
and Kö (IDN) €2,200 = $2,596.

  • The above-confirmed sales are a good indicator, of where the market is at and what people are willing to pay for them.

It also can serve to zoom in one's price demand and gives any potential buyer a fair indication of what to expect to pay for similar internet real estate.

The next sales advisory by DNJournal should be out in a few days, let's have a look than where the domain market is heading.

Thanks to DNJournal.

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Vintage Domain

An item called vintage usually reminds us of something old, cars, clothes, wines, movies or any old or antique item.

Vintage brings to mind cars from the sixties, Buster Keaton films, Farmer's Almanac periodicals, and music from The Platters and other greats.

Most vintage products are reminiscent of times passed and often have but sentimental value.

Vintage in conjunction with a domain stands for something unused. Just like any other vintage item, it increases over time in value.

  • An old domain first registered years ago, never been used for a website is perfect for a new website, a start-up business or to link to a business with an already working site.

That makes it expensive but also the best choice for a new website or when starting a new business or eCommerce.

An example of an old domain is the name, registered in back 1998 and finally sold 16 years later.

Other global qualities are domain names that are comprehensible in several languages without having to be modified or translated, (such as a holiday).

The combination of key a domain name, coupled with a top-level extension such as dot-com or a country code extension, will assure a website is a success and achieves stellar results in internet searches and Google ranking.

  • Using the right vintage domain name to identify content is the perfect move to make sure a website gets attention.

A two or even three-word vintage domain is well worth the investment because it rewards owners with high website traffic, top search engine results, and possible trademark qualifications.

All domains at are vintage Domains.

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You can review a domain' s past by visiting the Waybackmachine.

Fake News

A few years ago, while browsing the web, looking for domain news, I came across an article about buying domain names. The writer, who, for the preservation of his/her dignity, shall remain unnamed, advised and made the statement, ‘not to buy a domain from someone living in a foreign country because it’s too complicated.'

Living and working out of Germany now, of course, I am bothered by inaccurate statements regarding the domain business.

I shook my head in disbelieve and had to think for a moment, what defines a foreign country, regarding global Internet trade. Surely, any state outside of someone’s current place of residence or business could be ‘foreign.' If indeed people would think, international trade is ‘complicated,' global commerce as we know it, would come to a screeching halt.

Please note: Every one of's domain is registered and hosted by ICANN-accredited registrars in the United States of America and or Europe. The buyers of my domains are a little bit dispersed all over the globe, and no one of my buyers ever objected to the fact that I now live in Germany.

There is and never has been a problem with selling or transferring a domain name.

Here's a little useful tool. You can check that all is in order by visiting whois.

That site will give you all the information about a domain, registrar, dates, owner, etc.

Country codes like .de, and .cn are most likely registered in their respective countries, too. Dot-com on the other hands can be registered from any country on the planet. Some individual European domain extensions can only be registered if you either live in that country or in the EU (think .fr) or have a registrar holding it for you if you don't.

The only thing that matters is the value of the domain name and regardless if it is a top-level or a country code domain name. Regardless of who owns it or where.

  • It just goes to show while it’s nice to have a free, uncensored Internet, anybody can publish whatever - and you have to wonder if it's a fact, pure fiction or just fake news.

This article is a modified 'reprint,' first published on Monday, July 05, 2010 at


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What if you are a successful professional but not exactly a highly specialized IT person? This article is for you, (even if you do have an IT department).

  • 1) To link another website also called linking, just means, a domain does not resolve to its proper name but leads to another website. Let me give you an almost classic example.

The domain does not open as a website called It resolves as was bought in 2007 for USD 35 million for just that purpose - to link to

  • 2) Ranking has two values, one for global ranking, another one for ranking in the United States or any other country. Ranking means merely worldwide popularity and popularity in any particular country. 

Let's check the ranking for At the time of this writing, Apple had a global ranking of 65 and a United States ranking of 33. Go to, to see the ranking for your website.

  • 3) Traffic Statistics gives you in-depth information on where you stand with your website. It reveals where your site traffic is coming from by country and city, how long someone stays on your site and other useful information. You can check the traffic for your site here. (That's Alexa again).

The above serves to point to the importance to link a domain for the purpose of increasing traffic and ranking for your site. As a successful business owner you neither want or need a new website, (unless you decide to do so). Linking can definitely help you to improve sales, revenue and bottom line through your website.
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*(at least during 2012). A survey by Netcraft in 2012 showed that the total number of websites launched in 2012 were 51 million, i.e., ~140,000 per day.

About us

About us ( short version:
We sell vintage domain names since 2008. All our domains are either top-level domains, i.e., dot-com or country code domain names such as dot-de.

Our domains are listed, offered and sold through auctions and direct buys, through,, United Domains, and We have a PayPal account and work with 

Domains are promoted through advertisement and postings at our websites - Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - and LinkedIn. Please contact us with any question you may have. We are here to help.

About us ( extended version (includes a bit of domain history).
My first domain, was acquired back in 2008. I listed it for sale on my site, Starting a domain selling business so late in the game, was not exactly perfect timing.

The first domain registration happened way back in 1985.

The domainers who started buying and registering domains before 2008, were quoted that it was too late to get into 'domaining' now and that I was jumping on a running train. At the same time, short domains were all but gone, sold, registered or in possession of domain name investors.

Since all the short domains were gone, another criterion emerged as equally important: KEYWORDS. As long as a domain containing one or two keywords, the domain was considered a valuable piece of real estate.

Some of the highest value domain sales are listed below., 35 million, 2007, $30.18 million, 2012, $5.1 million, 2000, $4 million, 2012, $3.3 million, 1998
More recently these sales below were confirmed in 2016 by ( $250,000, 200,000, $168,000, 150,000, 120,000

Numbers too came into play. sold for $17 million in 2015.
  • In other words, if you were to have a website about New York, it would be best to have a keyword domain, like
  • If your business were selling saris from India, a name like would be absolutely perfect to promote and sell saris over the Internet.
Because of the non-availability of the short domains, companies resorted to creating 'none words,' like Tumblr, Flickr, and others. Basically, these words could not be found in any dictionary.

When finally the most obscure names were taken too, held by those squatters or people just ran out of ideas, sanity slowly returned.

Domain names like,, and other such keyword loaded domains are now back in demand. The advantage to such domain is that they respond directly to search words entered into Google, Bing, and Yahoo and trigger more traffic.

Apparently using such a domain to either build a new start-up business or using/linking to an up and running site. Linking will result in higher search engine ranking and more traffic, which is vital since there are over 1 billion websites on the web today.

And your competition is out there in force, en masse, in the millions. One example: You want to sell Christmas items? Search the web for 'Chrismas, ' and Google returns about 1.970.000.000 results (in 0,62 seconds). Even 'Christmas Mansion' returns about 45.100.000 results (in 0,51 seconds).

Our approach always has been, that a domain name should reflect a particular category, profession, location or service. Even combining two or three words to give the domain more clarity and definition for its type.

One example: On May 10, 2017 LongIslandRealEstate(dot)com (four words!) sold in a private transaction for $52,500. (Source: 
Another more average sale in the German language market, on May 26, 2017, was for Mietenstattkaufen(dot)at for Euro 5,000. (translates as renting instead of buying).

Sometimes you got to say what you want to say because doesn't always make any sense.

Mind you, that we also have some very unique, short domain for sale. We offer,, and much more. Send me an offer or buy outright.

More of the latest updates, current auctions and domain sales are listed at

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The domains are for sale with buy-now prices and/or make offer prices.
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