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Can you find 12 of domain-inventory's domain names in the one sentence, short story below?
While, during the warm sweater season, front row show tickets were being distributed by the legendary ‘ICTIE’, to well known New York fashion shops for the opening of ‘La Mode Parisienne’, Florida newcomer Jo Scarlett, having left his penthouse heaven and all that New York glitz behind, was looking forward to a million thrills at the Orlando universe Christmas mansion.

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Can't say I wasn't busy this month.
My domain site now has many domains listed by eight different Categories, namely Business, Shopping, Travel, Food and Drink, Recreation, Technology, Real Estate and Guides. Now it is much easier to find the right domain name in the category that you might be looking for. Keep in mind not all domain names are listed under categories, so check my other pages as well or just drop me a line.
Another must-visit page, Affiliates, has many fantastic merchants and services, something for everybody (think Christmas shopping) and it's my favorite page right now. Specials, sales and discounts are added daily, so bookmark the page and don't miss out on anything.

Finally only yesterday I added a useful business references page, called 'Resources' with free information for U.S. and European business.

So now I gave you a few more reasons to visit my website. In addition I added .co domain names to the inventory and some domains for sale (I told you this would be coming) now have a minimum price.
For more variety there is always my twitter page, facebook and my videos.

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So you want to buy a domain name.

Buying your own domain is a great idea!
Maybe you never had a website with your very own domain name,  so buying a domain name is quite an exciting idea. You might have your email@gmail, many facebook friends, you watch YouTube and are an avid reader of twitter tweets. But now you are thinking, 'it's time to get my own website'.

That's a very good idea, indeed. Before you run off thinking 'I don't need this,' think again. Having your own website, with your own proper domain name in the address line of your browser sets you and all you do, apart from all other 500 million facebook members. And that's unique because you are creating your own address on the Internet.

Domain-Inventory makes it easy for you to get started by offering you the domain names you possible always wanted. Our exclusive, low cost inventory of premium, top level domain names, cover over a dozen different website categories.  Our domains are perfectly suited for ecommerce, all kinds of business, creative entrepreneurs and many different venues. Domains from Domain-Inventory make it possible to have the fitting and most important ingredient for your own website, the right and all important domain name.

Depending on the market you wish to cover and serve, we offer domain names in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch. Global top level domains .com, .net, .org, .info, .tel are available for global ebusiness, with country code extensions such as  .eu, .us, .co, .de, .at, .be and for the country location of your choice. Our domains are (verifiable) registered and hosted with ICAAN registered domain brokers, transferred after purchase through licensed escrow companies into your name and ownership, no matter where you live.

You will be purchasing an absolute unique, essential and immensely valuable domain that identifies you, your product and your ideas and is vitally essential to reach your goals.  Any one of our domains is something that no-one else can offer or sell you because every domain name at Domain-Inventory is available only once and only from us.

Some widely published headlines about high value domain sales, might have scared  some prospective buyers away from the domain market and a much needed domain name purchase - not so at Domain-Inventory. With few exceptions our domains are offered for sale at no reserve! That simply means that you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a domain from Domain-Inventory. You don't need to spend a fortune on a domain name because we, through domain brokers, accept minimum auction bids as well as any reasonable offers. We do not set high reserves prices for our domains, because we believe the global market place should decide the fair value of a domain name.

So go ahead and  make an offer or place a minimum auction bid with any domain broker.  For your piece of mind let a professional broker expert negotiate with Domain-Inventory to get, from our inventory, the domain name you always wanted. It's all very safe and very private, no-one, not even me, will know who is placing a bid or who has made the offer. If you wait any longer, your competition will surely snatch the domains you wanted. Why?  Because we carry only one-of-a-kind, must-have, top level domain names, perfectly suited for professional websites, ebusiness and entrepreneurs. We sell on a first come, first served  basis, so with the first offer, the first bid, 'your' domain could be gone for good.

Should you be well established in a business, commerce or trade or already have one or more websites, why not consider our domains to increase traffic to your site(s). For a deeper penetration of your markets buy one or more of our key word loaded, professional, descriptive domain names that effectively could highlights your brand. You'll be glad you did, because traffic, sales and revenue could increase to make a significant difference in your bottom line. Browse our inventory now to search for the name that's right for you.

Act soon, consider the above, and don't wait too long to get your own name because our domains will not be at 'no reserve' forever. Should one of our domains grace the top of a website with a name that you originally wanted for your own website, than it would be too late for you. Once a domain is sold, you cannot acquire it anymore - because we do not solicit domain offers for resale, a domain name will be out of the market for good. Our domains are best put to use for real websites by real businesses, so now is your change to acquire the right and perfect domain. Get yours today!

Browse our inventory by categories, extensions or from A-Z. Visit our site, We offer you over 400 top level domains for sale at low cost and please contact me with any questions you may have.

What sets us apart

Selling Domain Names is our business and we are in our third year now. What sets us apart is the fact that we have done the work for you by selecting the right domains! There is a very good change that our domain inventory hold exactly the name you've been looking for.

Our domains make a lot of sense, having the important key word(s) already build In the domain name. Just browse our portfolio and pick the name that fits your endeavours best. With an inventory of over 400 selected domains you are bound to find the one that's right for you. 

Besides being a solid investment, any domain from our inventory would be perfect to create a new website or direct additional traffic to an already existing Internet presence.

We feature TLDs, Top Level Domains with various extensions such as .com .net .org .info .tel and ccTLDs, country code top level domains for Austria .at, Belgium .be, Germany .de, United Kingdom, .us USA and the latest extension from Columbia .co.

Browse our website, and choose a domain in the language of your choice. Once you have found that perfect domain name, just make us an offer or place a bid with your domain broker.

To provide security and professional help for any domain name purchase, every one of my domains is registered with an ICANN accredited registrar: Godaddy, Omnis, Moniker, BookMyName, United-Domains or InterNetworX.

Domain-inventory sells key word loaded domains for professional, commercial and leisure Internet sites, that could lead to very high visibility and lots of visitor traffic.

Please contact me for additional information or with any questions you might have. I would be happy to hear from you.


If you have been following and reading some of my tweets you probably noticed my emphasis on newsworthy articles about ecommerce, ebusiness, self-employment and of course domain names.

Most of what I think might be useful to entrepreneurs and worthy of retweeting, hopefully also finds at least one other person who could use this information.

Today I found this article that takes the cake for a great and outstanding story.

The article by Journal Sentinel Inc describes how Ben Janssen and his Appleton-based NexStep Inc, does a wonderful, successful business, without a brick and mortar store, by selling merchandise through the internet over several of their own websites.

The company is growing by selling merchandise and providing customer support, while creating jobs and making money.

I find the story very inspiring.

You can find it at
To read more of my tweets visit

Our Equipment shed

If you are a professional Fireman, Farmer, Gardener or if saving lives is your profession, you might want to check out our equipment shed. (German language doteu domain names).  

Wenn Sie von Beruf Landwirt oder Gärtner sind, bei der Feuerwehr arbeiten oder Leben retten zu Ihrem Verantwortungsbereich gehört: Dann sollten Sie vielleicht einen Blick auf unseren Gerätebestand werfen, (deutschsprachige Domainnamen).

Unser Geräteschuppen (Our Equipment shed)
Rettungsgerä (Rescue equipment)
Feuerwehrgerä (Fire Fighting equipment)
Bodenbearbeitungsgerä (Tillage equipment)
Landwirtschaftsgerä (Agricultural equipment)

How to buy a domain name

(Below is a sample of what might be send to a prospective domain name buyer, having expressed interest in a domain).

Dear Domain Buyer.

Thank you for your email and your interest in

As you might have noticed on my
website, most of my domains are NO RESERVE domains, i.e. there is no minimum to place a bid.

To get a domain name auction for started, you can place your initial bid at
SEDO for as little as USD 75.

While the market would determine the final auction price, your second option is an outright buy at USD 250.

Please keep in mind that this domain name has not been used as a website at any time. It currently is offered for sale and parked at SEDO. Therefore
GOOGLE analytics are not available, but domain statistics can be viewed at SEDO.

The domain name was created on February 11, 2009 and has never been developed. The advantage is, that you acquire a clean, 'virgin' domain name, that can be build up as a website as described in my original offer.

Dot-Com, top level domains (TLDs) represent such unique and valuable 'internet real estate assets' that acquiring truly is a unique opportunity and a highly worthwhile investment.

All transactions with
domain-inventory are secure online transactions and involve either a domain broker or (U.S.) certified escrow services or both and are done at no cost to you.

Thank you again. I am available to answer any question you might have and look forward to your response.

Best regards.


Fact or Fiction

A few days ago, while browsing the web, looking for domain news, I came across an article about buying domain names. The writer, who, for preservation of his/her dignity, shall remain unnamed, advised and made the statement, ‘not to buy a domain from someone living in a foreign country because it’s too complicated’ (!). Touché. I live and work out of Germany, so of course I am bothered by careless statements regarding the domain business.

I shook my head in disbelieve and had to think for a moment, what defines a foreign country in terms of global Internet trade. Surely, any country outside of someone’s current place of residence or business could basically be ‘foreign’. If indeed people would think, foreign trade is ‘complicated’, global commerce as we know it would come to a screeching halt.

Using the Internet since its infancy (that’s 25+ years) I have gradually come to realize that country borders don’t really matter - at least concerning the information superhighway. Having said this and wanting to assure those who are not sure if they should buy a domain name from someone half way around the globe, (yes, you can) I have added the information below to my site.

It just goes to show while it’s nice to have a free, uncensored Internet, where anybody can publish whatever - I often wonder if it's fact or fiction.

QUOTE from my site: Every one of my domains is registered and hosted by ICANN-accredited registrars in the United States of America (OMNIS.COM, MONIKER.COM) and Europe (UNITED-DOMAINS.DE, INWX.DE, BOOKMYNAME.COM) so there is never a problem with transferring a domain name to a new owner. UNQUOTE.

Something is not right

Let's assume you are in the business for a nice new car. Knowing value and the worth of solid investments you start looking at the best cars. Visiting a Mercedes auto salesroom or shopping on line with GOOGLE, it’s easy to see what you want is going to be expensive. A 350 S-Class Mercedes would cost you dearly and set you back about 100 big ones. Being a little short of cash you decide to think it over.

A few days later you noticed that there is a Mercedes sale, and you rush in to check the newly reduced prices. And yes, there it is - your dream mobile now on sale at an incredible low price, dropped to only $20,000. Nothing should stop you now; you finally can own the brand new limousine of your dreams. But would you buy it?

Of course, you know the story is pure fiction and will never happen. But if it would, what would you be thinking? Discarding the many impossibilities of a luxury car price being reduced by some 80 percent, the thought comes to mind that there must be something wrong. Maybe the car has no engine, or was made by the people who made Trabbies (cars made in East Germany), carries no warranty, or you have to return it after one week. Whatever the case might be, you would know something is not right.

The same applies to reduced domain names. Something is not right when a domain asking price drops from $100,000 to $20,000. What is the purpose of such huge domain price reduction? Either a reduced domain was grossly overpriced in the first place, or it is indeed totally worthless. 

Opposite to the many real domain sales success stories and quiet, behind the scene negotiations to reach agreeable pricing, there are inflated domains, whose irrational, radical price drop only serves to reduces the domain to junk status in the eyes of everyone except those of the seller, who dreamed up a hugely unrealistic asking price in the first place. Erratic pricing, inflated reserves as well as domain name price dumping only serve to confuse and scare away end-users, which precisely is the market segment most domainers trying to reach.

Experienced, responsible domain sellers and professional domain brokers will continue to achieve their goals without huffing and puffing, thus creating and upholding a trustworthy business climate where domain buyers can shop, bid and acquire domains with trust and confidence - without all the hype of a fire sale.

Country Code Domain Names

 Country Code Top Level Domains

While dot com domains have been the rage since the first domain name was registered, many domainers realize, that yes, we should and do acquire and invest in country code top level domains, ccTLDs.

While Europe is struggling to straightening out its finances, with increased tax burdens for enraged taxpayers, domainers have been quietly moving in, to scoop up what might become tomorrow’s next virtual real estate boom.

Many global domainers/investors have apparently discovered that this could be a very promising market, despite the gloomy outlook of some EU countries. But how high is the interest for country code domains in Europe itself? Judging from stats provided by GOOGLE, it seems there still is plenty of opportunity to acquire quality ccTLDs.

An advance GOOGLE search for the German word ‘Domainnamen’ (Domain names) produced only 733.000 results. Still, the French word ‘nom de domaines' (domain names) came up with 3,000,000 results. (So much higher than Germany, because vineyards in French are also called domaines).

Comparing this with an advanced ‘English language only’ search for domains, which produced a whooping 96,700,000 response, that shows the popularity of top level domains, TLDs. However dot com is now often unaffordable while ccTLDs might still be relatively reasonable priced. It might be one factor fueling the current interest in ccTLDs.

As Europeans are busy getting their financial affairs in order, we might see another domain name boom, this time for ccTLDs, at a time while Germany's interior minister calls for the government takeover of domain name registration, while a few month earlier in January 2010, a French domain,,  sold through SEDO fetched €587,500 ($851,875).

Ignorance, complacency and needless over-regulation will have its price in the form of inflated future domain prices, when most premium domain names are acquired by investors, speculators, resellers and cyber squatters. With national interests and protectionism on the rise due to the current crisis in Europe, ‘going local’ with your own ccTLDs might be the right thing to do, right now.

Regardless of where you live - don’t wait until, as has happened with dot com, single word domains (of major European languages) are no longer available for registration. History tends to repeat itself.

Not convinced - than think about this: Having an English language domain name with a country code extension is all the rage right now all over Europe.

Four Letter Words

In a world where short domain names are king, because people otherwise might forget them, we are happy to offer a few four letter words of our own. While it amazes me with what strange domain names people sometimes come up with just to create a short name, I realize that I am equally guilty, for good reason though, of registering short domains that have not been discovered yet.

Who is to say that a four letter word, not easy to find in the domain marketplace, could not be an abbreviations for a four word company name, a four word sport or social event, somebody’s name, an industrial code, some civic association, club or new product. While I do not want to start giving suggestions for the use of our short domains,  I am confident that one or more of our domains, even those containing numbers, are exactly right for some specific web site.

There are most likely many entrepreneurs out there who might love a particular four letter domain word to be incorporated into their logos, letterheads and to be used for advertising. But often either the name is unavailable or owned by a squatter/domainer who parks the domain for income and will not let it go unless a high enough offer is made.

At domain-inventory we are not so clamped up, our domains start at minimum cost without a reserve price. We like you to own the domain you want and let the market place, through the bidding process at any accredited domain broker house, decide its final value.

On the other side of the short domain name spectrum are  new, inexperienced  start-ups, who must have a domain name, no matter what. They don't spend money on the right, short domain and thus constrict long, strange, search engine unfriendly, hyper-hyphenated domains, that makes you think, 'what were they thinking'. To top it, the newly created 'company' domain name than gets plastered to the back end of a vehicle, thus creating IT-cowboy-mass-media-bumper-sticker-shock. All intentionally, of course.

In order to retain our readers base, who, I hope, are a nice bunch of sane, cool headed entrepreneurs, trend setters, future leaders and job creators who would never dream up such redundant escapades, we offer just a few, clean, four letter words that will make sense and use to some, so we hope, and now are available for purchase to anyone looking for short premium TLDs or ccTLDs.

When a brief domain name fits the purpose, a four letter word is a beautiful thing. 

The domains listed below are for sale at Domain-inventory.

Domains for Hawaii

This time we go local. I am offering quality, premium top level made-for-Hawaii domain names for sale. To see the domains right away you can skip to the bottom of this blog or first read my short lived, true story about my experience in Hawaii.

Hawaii is definitely a very special state, I know, I lived there. Having traveled to most states of the beautifully United States, Hawaii was the state I picked when I wanted to move somewhere else. Why? At the time I had been living in Florida for 5 years and wanted to make a change. The perfect state had to have clean air, fresh water and lots of sunshine. And an ocean nearby. Besides Arizona, New Mexico and Utah which I all love, but have no ocean, there was only one place to move to.

I wanted to be prepared while still living in Miami, so before actually flying out there, I subscribed to a Honolulu Newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, as well as surfing magazine, opened a Hawaiian bank account by mail, and few month later I sold everything I owned and flew out there, across the country, via San Francisco across the Pacific to Honolulu. Ahead of my arrival I had reserved a hotel room on Waikiki Beach but lived at the hotel for only seven days. This is how long it took me to find a more permanent place. So after seven days I moved into a studio apartment, (with two balconies), two street blocks away from famous Waikiki Beach. It took only another week to find a job as a restaurant manager at 'Spats' and I was all set.

During my stay I discovered the entertaining, open air Ala Moana shopping center with its fabulous mix of different people, colors, shops and cultures from around the world and delicious, great smelling food everywhere. I took (humiliating) surfing lessons right on Waikiki Beach (good idea, bad location), and experienced a Tsunami warning which moved us all to the top of Diamond Head. I started a Hawaiian shirt collection, visited local surfing spots on Hawaii’s north shore, took wild rides in 'toilet bowls' - vertical tunnels carved out by the sea, where you jump in and ride up and down and felt like I had found a piece of real paradise while standing under a tall waterfall, looking up, to see pearls of water cascading down on me.

It was all over after 4 month, when I moved back to the mainland as locals call the continental United States. It was a beautiful experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, just don’t think about leaving. I thought I'd never leave because it is it really is one of the most magic spots on the planet. Since the 50th state in the Union is also amongst the 50 most beautiful in the US, I am sure you will appreciate the top level domain names, I hope will soon grace a web site from the Aloha state or some other 'paradise' related web site:
Domains For Sale by

Links below belong to their respective owners, are not for sale and are listed for reference only.

Domain Name Value.

Owning only a few hundred domains I have not found the time yet to attach a value to every single domain name. At first I am always thrilled, when an offer arrives. But at times, when taking a closer look, I realize this low offer is really nothing else but a cheap shot at a top level domain. Maybe some domain owners are to blame, offering their names at every turn for next to nothing, and so creating the impression that there is a domain name flea market out there. My usual response is to make a counter offer that brings negotiation to a screeching halt before they even have a change to begin.

There is a difference between placing a first low bid at an auction and a (to low) offer to buy a domain right away. Many domains have been sold for large amounts of money, when the first bid met the minimum requirement, often below U.S. Dollar 100. When a domain is offered at no reserve, minimum bid, the seller runs the risk of getting stuck with the first and only bid, and thus having to sell the domain below market value. But such is life. On the other hand the domain might fetch the amount that both, seller and buyer can be happy with.

However, when making a direct offer for a domain on a buy outright basis, without going through any bidding process, I think the offer should be made carefully and be somewhat realistic. There is a minimum value that comes with any good, quality, premium, usable domain name. Domain names are bought and sold on a daily basis. The ones that make the headlines are those that set new records with prices that zoom into the stratosphere. That does not mean less desired domains are worthless and would be sold at the first minimum offer. Check domain name news and statistics to see that the private and auction domain name market is well and alive.  Buyers and sellers come together daily and hundreds of domains get transferred and do change hands at fair market value. 

Key word domains, domains with hyphens and/or numbers, country code or non English name domains, and domains with all different extensions, other than dot com, continue to rake in high prices. And when that happens everyone seems to be surprised, simply because it seems to be outside limited and self set norms of thinking, that anything other than a one word English language dot com domain name, is basically worthless. That is, in my opinion, pretty narrow-minded and very ignorant thinking. To make a too low offer, saying 'here you go, yes, I want your domain and but this is all what I am willing to pay for it' will most likely not producing a very enthusiastic response from the seller owner.

Any entrepreneur with a business/commerce web site knows what key word(s) to look for when shopping for a domain name. They know exactly the name and the nature of their business and what specific URL should crown their web site, even before they put the first cent into it. A person like this would not waste any time by making useless offers.

Any outright buy offer should take the ‘want’ fact into consideration and value the domain name for its uniqueness. The past and current, private and public domain name transactions, and prices, have shown there are no alternatives for top level domain names. To acquire a particular domain, make an offer that makes sense and is just and fair. It will make you feel good too, because, once you own 'that' domain you know, you have found and acquired the right domain name. And that's priceless.

Visit Domain-inventory for premium, quality domain names.