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This time we go local. I am offering quality, premium top level made-for-Hawaii domain names for sale. To see the domains right away you can skip to the bottom of this blog or first read my short lived, true story about my experience in Hawaii.

Hawaii is definitely a very special state, I know, I lived there. Having traveled to most states of the beautifully United States, Hawaii was the state I picked when I wanted to move somewhere else. Why? At the time I had been living in Florida for 5 years and wanted to make a change. The perfect state had to have clean air, fresh water and lots of sunshine. And an ocean nearby. Besides Arizona, New Mexico and Utah which I all love, but have no ocean, there was only one place to move to.

I wanted to be prepared while still living in Miami, so before actually flying out there, I subscribed to a Honolulu Newspaper, the Honolulu Advertiser, as well as surfing magazine, opened a Hawaiian bank account by mail, and few month later I sold everything I owned and flew out there, across the country, via San Francisco across the Pacific to Honolulu. Ahead of my arrival I had reserved a hotel room on Waikiki Beach but lived at the hotel for only seven days. This is how long it took me to find a more permanent place. So after seven days I moved into a studio apartment, (with two balconies), two street blocks away from famous Waikiki Beach. It took only another week to find a job as a restaurant manager at 'Spats' and I was all set.

During my stay I discovered the entertaining, open air Ala Moana shopping center with its fabulous mix of different people, colors, shops and cultures from around the world and delicious, great smelling food everywhere. I took (humiliating) surfing lessons right on Waikiki Beach (good idea, bad location), and experienced a Tsunami warning which moved us all to the top of Diamond Head. I started a Hawaiian shirt collection, visited local surfing spots on Hawaii’s north shore, took wild rides in 'toilet bowls' - vertical tunnels carved out by the sea, where you jump in and ride up and down and felt like I had found a piece of real paradise while standing under a tall waterfall, looking up, to see pearls of water cascading down on me.

It was all over after 4 month, when I moved back to the mainland as locals call the continental United States. It was a beautiful experience that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, just don’t think about leaving. I thought I'd never leave because it is it really is one of the most magic spots on the planet. Since the 50th state in the Union is also amongst the 50 most beautiful in the US, I am sure you will appreciate the top level domain names, I hope will soon grace a web site from the Aloha state or some other 'paradise' related web site:
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