Our Equipment shed

If you are a professional Fireman, Farmer, Gardener or if saving lives is your profession, you might want to check out our equipment shed. (German language doteu domain names).  

Wenn Sie von Beruf Landwirt oder Gärtner sind, bei der Feuerwehr arbeiten oder Leben retten zu Ihrem Verantwortungsbereich gehört: Dann sollten Sie vielleicht einen Blick auf unseren Gerätebestand werfen, (deutschsprachige dot.eu Domainnamen).

Unser Geräteschuppen (Our Equipment shed)
Rettungsgeräte.eu (Rescue equipment)
Feuerwehrgeräte.eu (Fire Fighting equipment)
Bodenbearbeitungsgeräte.eu (Tillage equipment)
Landwirtschaftsgeräte.eu (Agricultural equipment)

How to buy a domain name

(Below is a sample of what might be send to a prospective domain name buyer, having expressed interest in a domain).

Dear Domain Buyer.

Thank you for your email and your interest in

As you might have noticed on my
website, most of my domains are NO RESERVE domains, i.e. there is no minimum to place a bid.

To get a domain name auction for 1PerfectDomain.com started, you can place your initial bid at
SEDO for as little as USD 75.

While the market would determine the final auction price, your second option is an outright buy at USD 250.

Please keep in mind that this domain name has not been used as a website at any time. It currently is offered for sale and parked at SEDO. Therefore
GOOGLE analytics are not available, but domain statistics can be viewed at SEDO.

The domain name was created on February 11, 2009 and has never been developed. The advantage is, that you acquire a clean, 'virgin' domain name, that can be build up as a website as described in my original offer.

Dot-Com, top level domains (TLDs) represent such unique and valuable 'internet real estate assets' that acquiring 1PerfectDomain.com truly is a unique opportunity and a highly worthwhile investment.

All transactions with
domain-inventory are secure online transactions and involve either a domain broker or (U.S.) certified escrow services or both and are done at no cost to you.

Thank you again. I am available to answer any question you might have and look forward to your response.

Best regards.


Fact or Fiction

A few days ago, while browsing the web, looking for domain news, I came across an article about buying domain names. The writer, who, for preservation of his/her dignity, shall remain unnamed, advised and made the statement, ‘not to buy a domain from someone living in a foreign country because it’s too complicated’ (!). Touché. I live and work out of Germany, so of course I am bothered by careless statements regarding the domain business.

I shook my head in disbelieve and had to think for a moment, what defines a foreign country in terms of global Internet trade. Surely, any country outside of someone’s current place of residence or business could basically be ‘foreign’. If indeed people would think, foreign trade is ‘complicated’, global commerce as we know it would come to a screeching halt.

Using the Internet since its infancy (that’s 25+ years) I have gradually come to realize that country borders don’t really matter - at least concerning the information superhighway. Having said this and wanting to assure those who are not sure if they should buy a domain name from someone half way around the globe, (yes, you can) I have added the information below to my site.

It just goes to show while it’s nice to have a free, uncensored Internet, where anybody can publish whatever - I often wonder if it's fact or fiction.

QUOTE from my site: Every one of my domains is registered and hosted by ICANN-accredited registrars in the United States of America (OMNIS.COM, MONIKER.COM) and Europe (UNITED-DOMAINS.DE, INWX.DE, BOOKMYNAME.COM) so there is never a problem with transferring a domain name to a new owner. UNQUOTE.