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Can you find 12 of domain-inventory's domain names in the one sentence, short story below?
While, during the warm sweater season, front row show tickets were being distributed by the legendary ‘ICTIE’, to well known New York fashion shops for the opening of ‘La Mode Parisienne’, Florida newcomer Jo Scarlett, having left his penthouse heaven and all that New York glitz behind, was looking forward to a million thrills at the Orlando universe Christmas mansion.

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Can't say I wasn't busy this month.
My domain site now has many domains listed by eight different Categories, namely Business, Shopping, Travel, Food and Drink, Recreation, Technology, Real Estate and Guides. Now it is much easier to find the right domain name in the category that you might be looking for. Keep in mind not all domain names are listed under categories, so check my other pages as well or just drop me a line.
Another must-visit page, Affiliates, has many fantastic merchants and services, something for everybody (think Christmas shopping) and it's my favorite page right now. Specials, sales and discounts are added daily, so bookmark the page and don't miss out on anything.

Finally only yesterday I added a useful business references page, called 'Resources' with free information for U.S. and European business.

So now I gave you a few more reasons to visit my website. In addition I added .co domain names to the inventory and some domains for sale (I told you this would be coming) now have a minimum price.
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