Besides the uniqueness of every domain name, there is a real money saving advantage of why it pays for an end user to buy a domain from Domain-inventory.

End-users do not resell domain names unless they sell their business too, (which is another reason to buy a domain in the first place). Since a domain name should fit the business to a T, it absolutely must be a particular name for a very specific business or commerce.

Obviously, an end user who would decide to buy a domain like BBQSteakhouse.com would have solid intentions to open a BBQ Steakhouse, because the idea about a BBQ Steakhouse has now been approved by all concerned, the business plan has been sanctioned by the banks, the lease is signed and the name of the business is about to be fixed as a flaming neon sign above the entrance to the new establishment.  

One should not overlook the importance of an established business acquiring additional domain names to increase website traffic by redirecting to their home page. For example, any beer distribution commerce in a Spanish language market might greatly benefit from a domain name like Cerveza360. See our website for more samples of what can be done with additional domains.

Buying directly from Domain-inventory saves money because the cost for a direct buy from a private domain owner, like domain-inventory will always be lower as if the domain is acquired from a big domain reseller with a big overhead.
Domain resellers with their huge inventory might still not own the right domain name. Dealing in domains and reselling them has a detrimental effect on its price and the end-user who buys from a domain reseller is losing out because either because the price ask is way to high and the domain thus becomes unavailable.

Domain-inventory is not a reseller. We have registered our domains at the source which keeps our final cost down and we cut out any middlemen and so we are able to offer domains at reasonable and affordable prices. As a matter of fact bids of as little as EURO 100 are accepted for most of our domains and our buy now prices are very reasonable as well.

Visit Domain-inventory today to find the right domain name at the right price.

My domain inventory

We offer hundreds of premium, multilingual, top level domains and country code domains with a great variety of extensions like .com, .eu .de and more. If you intend to open up a business and start a web site you owe it to yourself to check our inventory. Many of our premium domains are very well suited to increase traffic to an already up and running site as well.

To see an updated list of all our domains for sale, please visit our web site.


Thank you.


Oh yes, have I mentioned the new Domain-Inventory.com?

As a regular follower of my site you must have noticed that this is a very radical facelift, but I felt that my former website was becoming to big and bit bloated. The (former) host also did never provided updates or new versions and did not responded to inquiries.

Well luckily there is a choice for hosts and we now have a new website and GoDaddy www.GoDaddy.com as host for our new website as well as for some of our other sites, developed to show what can be done with great domain names. 

Our new websites are IdoFly.com, CruiseDiscount.co, USACanadaTours.com and Travel360.us. And as mentioned earlier our dot-co domains have their own site domaininventory.co. These great domain names with their own website are also for sale at domain-inventory.
You owe it to yourself to check out our domain inventory if you searching for the right domain to grace the top of a new website. Feel free to visit all our sites - our domains, unless sold, are available for sale or lease and all are premium top level domains with the right key word(s), great variety and the extensions that fit your ideas.
So please come on by, have a look at our 400+ domain names and choose one that's right for you. For assistance, help and any questions you may have contact me or call a domain broker.

As a reminder, all our domains are registered with ICANN registered domain brokers and can be purchased through domain name auctions or through direct buy.

Thank you again for your visit to domain-inventory.com. Check our great domain inventory of top level and country code domain names today!

Dot-co Domains

You might have heard about another auction starting at SEDO in December. This time dot-co domains are being offered to ‘one million potential customers’. As much as we like to throw our dot-co inventory into the auction action, there are restrictions this time allowing only English and Spanish dot-co domains to participate.

Therefore our small collection of dot-co domain names does not fit into the language category requirement at SEDO but they might be an exact fit for your business. Particular when your business is located in any German or French speaking country. 

So if you sell farm equipment, leather goods or tobacco products, 3D-TVs or if you run a Casino, Video Rental Service or produce music videos in a German speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you should check our German language .co domains.

For markets in France and Canada the French dot-co domain names billetterie.co and labourse.co could be the highest interest for you if your business relates to those domain names.

Last but not least we do offer one English language dot-co domain, cruisediscount.co, for those who are engaged in the ever growing global business of cruise ship cabin reservations.

For more of our dot-co domain please visit Domaininventory.co and for all our domains for sale visit Domain-inventory.com.

For any purchase from our domain inventory please contact us or a domain broker of your choice.

Successful Business

In the old days - about 25 years ago, the right location was the major ingredient for a successful business. Today the right domain name has taken the place of the right location.

Real estate domain names like BermudaCabanas.com, MallorcaBungalows.com and ManhattanVacancies.com hold great possibilities when put to use in the corresponding geographical areas.

ParisCityTours.info, WDCGuide.com, BerlinInfo.tel have huge potential for a market that serves the lucrative and competitive tourist / travel industry.

The ever growing cruise business makes it possible to start a cabin/cruise ship booking website without having to worry about a brick and mortar shop. Premium domains like CruiseSharing.com, CruiseShips360.com, CruiseQuotes.info and CruiseDiscount.co makes it easy to start an online business.

Our domains can either be used for a new startup business by creating online commerce as described above or to direct and increase traffic to an existing already online website.

Country code top level domains like e-Autos.es, eCarRental.de and eCarSales.eu are perfect European domain name candidates to build up, support and increase the emerging e-car component on national and continent wide levels for e-car sellers and e-car rental companies alike.

While it seems that Europe is a big mess right now, with even the biggest players like France and Germany unable to agree on solving the crisis, those who are able to look forward and plan ahead, non-English language domains is the silver lining in a cloudy sky.

LaModeParisienne.com, LasNovedades.info, ApothekenFinder.eu, USAFerienhaus.de, Handykartenleser.com, Spelshow.be, LaBourse.co and Hrvatska360.com are some of the important ecommerce and business domain names with unlimited possibilities for country and global websites.

The fact that top level domains like the ones mentioned above are still available at reasonable prices, is reason enough to be exited. We offer two different purchase options, either by placing a bid or making an outright offer. Together with our low opening bids it's indeed easy to start a successful business.

All transactions with Domain-inventory are conducted in complete privacy and security, including escrow services, so your safe and smooth purchase is always guaranteed.

To secure one or more of our domains, contact me for any questions you may have or call the domain broker of your choice today.

Business as usual

With the global economy moving on crutches and failures of banks and even failures of whole countries looming above our heads, here at Domain-inventory it's  still business as usual. While Fitch, Standard and Poors and other rating agencies have refrained from rating domain name sellers, it would not take a downgrade to notice that some domainers throwing in the towel.

The similarities between the real estate market and cyber real estate are obvious. While many home buyers have purchased homes without ever having had the means to fully pay for them, so domain buyers have registered domain names, that right from the beginning had no potential market value whatsoever.

While many overvalued real estate purchases lost their value when the housing bubble burst, some domain names that should have never been bought or registered went bust as well or never took off in the first place.

In the same way banks now need cash for their rescue, many domainers sitting on unwanted domains, trying to unload them and offer their lot at discounts and no minimum. Of course, it's hard to believe in a discount for something that wasn't worth anything at all. Offering a domain name at no minimum serves only to declare it's true 'zero' value.

Bad banks who now accumulate worthless security packages, (to be written off in the future), so  do unfortunate domainers that got earlier swept away by reports of astronomical sale prices for dot-com domains now find their domains totally ignored by potential buyers and domain brokers.

While the loss for inflated real estate still hurt thousands today, domainers, who try to hang on to useless domains, are forced to renew domain name registration and thus, depending on the amount of domains, they own occur heavy expenses but no income,  or else must decide get out of the domain business altogether.

It's a sorry picture to see domains being offered at One US Dollar on eBay, or once high flying domain names bringing only a fraction of what has been paid previously. It is a desperate push trying to recover some money invested that shouldn't have been invested so recklessly.

Meanwhile, a few happy-go-lucky end-users, being oblivious to the normal domain name purchase process through domain resellers or brokers, register domains
at their hearts content - happily mixing words, names, professions, occupations, dots, hyphens and numbers thus creating really ugly and equally worthless domain names.

In all those tumultuous times, domain-inventory continues to conduct business as usual and to offer premium selections of top level domain names to companies and commercial enterprises, as we have done since 2008.
You can acquire any domain from Domain-inventory with confidence, because the initial investment will pay for itself as soon as the domain name becomes the heading of an e-commerce  business or directs traffic into an existing website.

You own it to yourself to check our inventory and you will see that the right domain name is available right here at a reasonable price.
Contact me or a domain broker of your choice. With two options, either making an outright offer at a fixed price. or by starting an auction with  a domain broker, you can have the domain  name you need and always wanted.
Because you want premium domain names in the key word language of your choice, with country code and top level extension that guarantee traffic, income and recognition. 

That's exactly what we got - so call us now or contact your domain broker.

Vacation Home Rentals

Vacation Home Rental Advantages.

A few years back, when the exchange rate EURO vs. US Dollar was favorable, it became obvious for many vacationers that it would be more economical to rent a vacation house instead of staying in a hotel. Some of the reasons are listed below.
Space. You do get more space in a house than you’ll ever get in a hotel. Unless you rent the Presidential Suite in a 5 Star hotel - a house will simply give you more space, hands down. Since homes, at least in the United States are usually big, a house for rent will have several, but at least two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a terrace, one or two garages or parking spaces, a private (heated) pool,  and best of all lots of privacy. If any house you consider does not give you all of the above, don’t rent it. Look and search for all these amenities until you have found what you need.

Privacy. A friend of mine recently stayed at the Crillon in Paris and complaint about turn down service.  Before you can say anything, they stand in the room, ready to re-make you bed, change your towels and provide you with small treats of chocolate or as in the case of Strauss-Kahn even with additional and unexpected service. In a house not even the postman will ring, because there is never any mail. At best your pool boy or the yard people will show to clean your pool, yard or garden, but this usually is announced ahead of time by your renting agent.

Cost. Be smart. A house does not have to be that expensive. Pick a reputable real estate agent and inspect their on-line collections of houses to rent, than choose the one you like and try to negotiate the  rental rate, particular if you stay exceeds one week. Booking a few months before your actual arrival will give you a choice of homes and of the best and lowest offers. Sharing a house with friends reduces cost as well, but at the cost of privacy.  Be aware, that you must put down a deposit on your vacation home when you are ready to make a commitment. Often the deposit is non-refundable, so before paying anything read the small print. Try to avoid  any realtor who does not accept credit card for payments, because if they don't  accept credit cards, paying becomes a hassle and causes additional expenses, if credit cards are not accepted, particular if you envision rentals overseas.

Location. You really have to do your home work here. With today’s tools such as Google maps and street view you can pretty much know what you getting. Google’s street view allows anyone to see what a house looks like; who or what is located next to it and across from it. With free satellite views over particular areas, one can see and locate everything nearby, so you will have no surprise once you move in. It is amazing how many vacation rentals are available in places where people want to spend their vacation. Many people buy homes in top locations with the only purpose to rent them out to vacationers. Some island vacation in the sunshine state have only 20 percent residency, the other 80 percent are all visitors and tourist from somewhere else, staying for a week, two or more.  Some Canadian snowbirds can and do stay up to 6 month outside Canada during the winter season.

Plan ahead. Yes the best properties are always gone way ahead of the time, sometimes even a year before. Consider the exchange rates, economical realities and global conditions. Check the weather; you don't want to start looking for a house at the beginning of any bad weather season. Some American realtors have picked up on the European habit of only renting from Saturday to Saturday. That’s as bad as it gets and if possible you should not agree that someone dictates you when you should move into your vacation home.

Safety. Vacation resorts get most of their tax income from tourists and the money tourists spend. Any or too much criminal activities could seriously erode and destroy a particular regions image for years to come and those small little communities know that. Therefore small towns and cities with most their wealth cemented in the real estate rental and sale businesses, as well as in the tourist business in general are  always on the lookout for bad guys and criminals. Low speed limits, police and sheriffs presence, neighborhood watches and smart traffic regulations, including many dead end streets do a good job keeping any undesirables away.
Summery.  You can’t go wrong with the right house. It’s like having your own home in a beautiful area and living in a rented house for a few weeks or even month, without having to care for it can give you the perfect vacation time of your life. Who knows maybe you move back some day for good?
To start your own real estate and vacation rental business  Domain-inventory offers the following domain names for sale. To make an offer contact us or click on the domain.

eCars and SmartTVs

Should you have visited our web site lately you might have noticed that we have  added some new domains to our inventory, if not here is a run-down on what's new at Domain-inventory.
Smart TV is the new slogan for all things in home entertainment electronics, but it's more than just a  catchy slogan. Smart TV, besides  regular programming, brings twitter, facebook, Google and whatever else you like to see on television right to your TV screen, including thousands and thousands  of smart TV apps. Therefore  SmartTVApps.net is the one domain to acquire if you are selling smart TVs, apps or both or just want to make a very smart investment.
Equally up-to-date and very much in demand are 'e-Car' domains. e-Cars,  as someone puts it so rightly, will be the iphones of the automobile industry, possible helping the economy shifting into higher gear. Judging from the involvement and investments of global major car makers, this (r)evolutionary, long overdue transportation novelty, could take off in a big way particular in 'green' dominated Europe.
Therefore we are very pleased to offer e-Car domains with dot-eu, (European Union) dot-es (Spain) and dot-de (German) extensions for the emerging European e-Car Sales and e-Car Rental business. 
If you are in the car selling business, consider these  two premium domains for purchase: eAutoSales.eu and eCarSales.eu. For any e-Car Rental company doing business in Germany we strongly suggest to buy the domain eCarRental.de before your  competition get it. Don't miss out!
Our Spanish e-Car domain is elCocheeléctrico.es translating as 'The Electric Automobile'. This could easily grace the top of a Spanish web site dealing  exclusively with e-Cars en Español. We urge you to acquire the domain before it's gone.  While you consider its purchase  consider also another top level dot-es domain for the Spanish market: e-Autos.es. Make an offer  now and place your bids on all domains  above thus, if you win the bids, you could dominate the Spanish e-Car market!
With those domain on top of your web site(s) your internet traffic and e-Car sales will soar to new hights. Not yet convinced?  Consider this: When searching for 'e-Car' Google web search returns an amazing 231000000 results and 1200000000 images!!
Last but not least  we offer a few new dot-de domains, namely Fernverkehrszüge.de = Far Travel Trains, Abdichtungsspray.de = Seal Spray, Bahnfernverkehr.de = Long Distance Train Traffic,
DieselHybridBus.de and for 'encore' just another dot-eu domain: HandyPass.eu.
We leave you with a couple of good ol' mother of all domain, dot-com extension domain names. Even though it has been in our inventory for some time MacGameGear.com is now listed for sale at SEDO. And DieselHybridBus.com is another great addition.
Visit Domain-inventory.com to see our entire inventory of the finest  premium and most diversified domain names. 
Make an offer or place your bid now.

Domains at SEDO

When looking at one of my domains at SEDO you'll find this note:

If you like to own this premium domain all you need to do is to make an offer and place your bid right here at SEDO. 
At Domain-Inventory.com I offer many more English, German, and French top level and country code domains with .com .net .info .biz .org .tel .us .de .at .be .eu .co and .co.uk extensions. 
I am looking forward to sent you this note very soon: 
'Congratulations on your purchase of a perfect domain! Thank you and best regards'.
Nicco Schaal - Domain-Inventory.com
Visit us at twitter / facebook.


Of course you can always contact Domain-inventory.com

One Perfect Domain

The first domain name was a .com domain, Symbolics.com and registered in 1985. Org and .edu extensions also appeared for the first time in 1985 and the next year we had the first .net domain on the Internet.
The trend to add extensions to domains has not stopped since, so far there are about 210 millions top level domains registered worldwide now.  You can choose from 280 Internet extensions and new ones like .berlin .eco .film .gay .hotel .med .music .nyc .shop .sport .web .xxx and more will be on the Internet by the end of 2012.
So the question is how to create one perfect domain with so many choices available?  The answer seems to be simple: A perfect domain can be created from any word in the dictionary, plus an extension like .com .de or other.
It sounds simple - but it is not. The problem is, it all has been done already. Every word in the English dictionary and in just about any other language is now, 25 years after the first domain registration taken, particular any domain name with a .com extension.
So what is the perfect domain name? The perfect domain is the one that fits its purpose. Make sure you choose a name that is related to your business or commerce and/or the purpose of the website, geared towards your target audience, not to mention a search engine friendly,  short name or catchy phrase that's easy to remember and you’ll end up with a perfect domain.
Domain-inventory owns some perfect examples (all for sale): Travel360.us. For a U.S. travel agent, a name like travel360.us clearly defines his/her line of business and indicates to customers what is being offered. Travel360.us has now been developed into a website.
Another example: ParisHoneymoonHotels.com. While a domain like ParisHoneymoonHotels.com might be a bid long for a domain name it can still be considered a perfect business / website domain name because it is easy to remember due to the key words ‘Paris, Honeymoon and Hotels’. A search engine  like GOOGLE and others will look for domains containing such words when a search is initiated for Paris and/or Honeymoon and/or Hotels. The domain name itself with a .com top level domain extension is also very easy to remember.
With all current and upcoming new domain extensions it is important to cover  all of your potential territory and to do this you could register as many extensions as you like. i.e.
The above shows a domain name with three different top level  domains, TLDs, extensions.  

The same could be done with different country codes, ccTLDs, like this example  below shows: 
To do this, to buy every extension for a domain name would take quite a bit of money, particular in the light of the fact that an initial purchase of a 'new' domain name requires even more money. 

To avoid paying to much for a  new domain name, domain registrars like GoDaddy.com and others will offer top level domain registration like .com for less than 20 USD and at the same time offer hosting and more. The trick is to find a domain name that has not been taken yet. So we are back to step one (see above).
USACanadaTours.com was available and has been registered in 2008.  It has been just now been developed into a growing website, with stories about different destinations in America and Canada. Idofly.com is the latest addition of domains developed by Domain-inventory into internet sites.
As you can see the domain business is interesting and a lot of fun, anybody can be part of it without any special education or requirements. For more information follow the experts on their blogs and my twitter and facebook links. To help you along, we offer a few perfect domains for sale as well, so check our domain inventory at domain-inventory.com where after all you might find one perfect domain.


The blog below is about my experience with a free offer to create a website. The website, travel360.us  is now hosted with GoDaddy.
Here's how you can create a one page website without having to know anything about HTML.
I did it - so you can too.

I just happen to come across the 'free for one month' offer, to create a one page website. I gave it a try and here is what it looks like: Travel360.us. After one month the cost is USD 2.99 per month. I don't know if any search engine ever is going to find it but I was able to add some affiliate links of my own.

And no, I am not affiliate with DOTSTER, I just think the learning curve for DreamWeaver and other software is too steep and 'page creators' of host companies like Host Gator and others are so complicated, that even though I tried most for a month, in the end I just gave up.

Maybe we could sell more domains, when the follow-up, namely creating a website, wouldn't be such a pain. To make the travel360.us page was as easy as slicing bread - maybe some domain hosting companies will take notice.

Here is the Dotster website

Follow-up: April 26, 2011- Unfortunately the Page Title, which in this case should be Travel360.us, does not show on top of the website, instead 'My Instant Website' is the title :-(

Because a Title Page, always displays on top, and is what search engines looking for, Having another title there, greatly reduces the change of any search engine like GOOGLE and others to find it.

Basically my page now is not called 'Travel360.us' as it should but 'My Instant Website'. instead I don't think many people would want their site to be called 'My Instant Website'.  

I tried to email DOTSTER about this problem, but there is no provision to send an email to them and they seem to have no TWITTER account either.

So my experience with the one page website had limited success and I will take the site down before the 30 trial period is up.

I have also sign up with GoDaddy but here my finished page would show the 'Website tonight' logo, at the bottom of the page so just like DOTSTER only serves to promote the host but not me as a customer nor my website nor relating to a site content.

 Anyway, I'll keep you posted when I found an acceptable solution.

First domain use

Without going into details of what seems to be at times an upside down world, it is clear that life can come up with unsuspected events that seem to take everybody by surprise.

In times like that, where upheaval, tumult and changes seem to invade our day to day life it is good to know that some ideals we hold dear still retain their value.

Life as we know it demands continuity and to those brave and adventurous souls who do not lose sight of their goals and commit, no matter what, the world offers a constant stream of new and exciting opportunities.

A domain, the right domain name, is the first step in the endeavor to start up, to build, to grow and to prosper. All it takes is the will to make an idea come true, based on a vision and a defined business road map.

In today’s fast moving society it is easy to see how successful an idea conceived by only one or two people can mushroom into a multinational, global enterprise in just a few years.

In good and bad times the name of a business is its identity and Domain-inventory is ready to deliver the right domain now and support small and large commerce with top level and country code domains in the language and extension of their choice.

We guarantee you first domain use on every domain we offer. Domains you buy at Domain-inventory have never been used by anyone. You can acquire the domain you always wanted knowing the name is a unique domain and you and/or you business are the first one to own it.

The proper domain would certainly be a good start and a great addition to any business. The right domain name headed on top of a productive enterprise or a new great idea should stand the test of time – no matter what happens.

Visit our website at Domain-inventory.com and check our great inventory of unique domain names for your business and commerce and contact us for any questions you may have. We would be happy to hear from you.

Quality standards

Updated March 17, 2011

Let's talk about quality standards. Would you not be extremely happy when you finally find a domain name that’s perfect for your endeavour?  Because you already know, that every word in the English dictionary has been turned into a domain name and thus into domains for sale or used by business or for a website. So finally getting 'the' domain name is priceless. Regardless of the domain's traffic or income.

The same is true for domains in any language. Not only is every word taken, but word combinations and strange word creations that cannot be found in any dictionary, are offered for sale by domainers, domain brokers, websites and through domain name auctions. Because finding the right domain is next to impossible, so making all domains for sale available to everybody would be the right thing to do.

Any domain in any language should, when submitted to the appropriate category and theme, be allowed to participate in a domain auction. There is no way that an auction house can even begin to guess, what particular domain name might or might not be of interest to an end-user. We are talking about global end-user markets, with ever increasing need for business, commerce, GEO and all other category domains, which might fit exactly the need of prospective buyers and entrepreneurs. Allowing bidding only on domains that fancy the 'quality criteria' of a handful of 'domain auction eliminators' simply means to withhold potentially interested domain buyers the opportunity to place their bids or to make an offer.

Yet some domain brokers and auction houses still take it upon themselves to deny auction access to perfect domains, including (domain) names straight out of Webster's dictionary, by imposing redundant 'quality standards' and refusing top level domains to be auctioned on their site. Domain auction establishments with worldwide reach should feel obligated to let the general public decide what they want to buy, at what price and not stifle domain name owners and withhold domains from business and commerce, particular when good domain names at reasonable prices are hard to find.

When one learns about lengthy domain names being sold for high prices and news about domains with non dotCOM extensions fetch great prices, everyone in the know seems always be so surprised. It seems the end user/buyer often does not care about policies, traffic or income as long as he or she can get their hands on that perfect domain.

The domains below, having hyphens, numbers, three-word-names and various extensions, have all been sold in 2011.

DrinkingWaterFountains.com $7,500.00
Paris8.com $6,500.00
x-arts.com $1,488.00
WeightlossTreatmentCenter.com $1,275.00
SouthernVacationRentals.com $1,088.00
a-rival.com $1,000.00

Above - Afternic.com  sales for the week ending March 13th, 2011
GamesforGirls USD 500000
123Deal.com USD 25000
FloridaAutoInsurance.com USD 15000
Juegosdevestir.org EUR 10000
Maillotdebain.fr EUR 6000
Turismoscolastico.com USD 4188
I-Mobility.net USD 4000
Petinsurancecomparison.co.uk USD 2672
Moneymakingsite.com USD 2520
Ferienwohnungnordesee.net USD EUR 2500
Beautyandbrains.com USD 2300
Freestandcommercial.com USD 2000

For a list of our domains please visit us at domain-inventory.com

Travel & Tourism Domains

No matter what crisis develops on this planet, travel and traveling seems to be on the increase year after year. A magma and ash spitting volcano here, a government overthrown there, a global epidemic outbreak of deadly viruses, no matter. A few weeks later, as the world moves on to tend to daily chores, the long awaited vacation, business trips or those urgent family emergencies can not be put off any longer, and back we are in the seat of an airplane, the cabin of a cruise ship or rediscovering Route 66.

All this literally feeds into the urge of entrepreneurs and the desire of web designers to create new and innovative websites - hopefully to blow away the competition, if not, to get at least part of the travel market pie. Where, as in the past, a few major players dominating the global tourism market, now it's the most popular, low cost travel web sites appearing on PCs, designed for mobile use on iPads, smartphones and similar devises as well, getting most of the business. To be part of it, one needs  to own a domain name. Way back when, you put your name (in small letters) under the logo of one of the big guys. Nowadays, to be in business, you only need to own the right domain name and you're in business. You! are the big guy now.

That's where we come in. We want to give you the web site name you  want  and need. Below we have listed our exclusive selection of travel and tourism domain names that could be yours for the asking. How? Just ask your domain broker to get it for you, ask a domain broker to contact us or you can contact us directly. Ask your domain broker or a domain name auction house to place a bid on your behalf, on any of our domains, incognito of course, and once the domain name is transferred to you,  get a host and you are in business. It's that simple.

Just make a choice from the domains below now and if you still can't find what you looking for, visit our website at domain-inventory.com for more travel and tourisme domains for sale. Thank you.

Domains below are English, German, French and Croatian language domains and include .COM. EU .AT .DE .CO .US and .TEL extensions.

Click on any domain name to visit its page.


Blog Facelift

If you ever visited my blog before, you probably did not stick around very long. 

Because even though I posted from time to time, I was not paying any attention to details. My blog had all kind of different fonts, colors, layouts and the width was never adjusted. The whole thing, courtesy of GOOGLE, looked a bit unorganized and messy like a year old suit that had never been to the cleaners, but - I corrected the bad situation now.

Now look at this blog now. It's cleaned up now, with nice blue colors, matching my (ahem) logo, a streamlined format for easy viewing and reading, and of course lots of (as-best-as-I-can) blogging to read about the state of domain-inventory's domain business.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

When done, just visit my site and check out the current domain inventory of domain-inventory.com.

Thanks again


For your COmpany.
At the time of this writing SEDO is running a Premium .CO domain auction, so we though it would be a good idea to make our lot of .CO domains known to the world as well. 

While most of our selections will attract the German speaking business, (SEDO only accepted English and Spanish domains for their auction) we also threw in some French (and one English language) domains for variety.
So go ahead, have a quick look below or visit our site, make an offer or place your bid. All domains were registered through GoDaddy and are now parked with SEDO. To place a bid or to make an offer contact SEDO, or your favorite domain broker or Domain-inventory.
The key word loaded .CO domains might just be the right name(s) for that particular business, and while these top level country code domains are not in any auction yet, a simple first bid could get the ball rolling.
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