Quality standards

Updated March 17, 2011

Let's talk about quality standards. Would you not be extremely happy when you finally find a domain name that’s perfect for your endeavour?  Because you already know, that every word in the English dictionary has been turned into a domain name and thus into domains for sale or used by business or for a website. So finally getting 'the' domain name is priceless. Regardless of the domain's traffic or income.

The same is true for domains in any language. Not only is every word taken, but word combinations and strange word creations that cannot be found in any dictionary, are offered for sale by domainers, domain brokers, websites and through domain name auctions. Because finding the right domain is next to impossible, so making all domains for sale available to everybody would be the right thing to do.

Any domain in any language should, when submitted to the appropriate category and theme, be allowed to participate in a domain auction. There is no way that an auction house can even begin to guess, what particular domain name might or might not be of interest to an end-user. We are talking about global end-user markets, with ever increasing need for business, commerce, GEO and all other category domains, which might fit exactly the need of prospective buyers and entrepreneurs. Allowing bidding only on domains that fancy the 'quality criteria' of a handful of 'domain auction eliminators' simply means to withhold potentially interested domain buyers the opportunity to place their bids or to make an offer.

Yet some domain brokers and auction houses still take it upon themselves to deny auction access to perfect domains, including (domain) names straight out of Webster's dictionary, by imposing redundant 'quality standards' and refusing top level domains to be auctioned on their site. Domain auction establishments with worldwide reach should feel obligated to let the general public decide what they want to buy, at what price and not stifle domain name owners and withhold domains from business and commerce, particular when good domain names at reasonable prices are hard to find.

When one learns about lengthy domain names being sold for high prices and news about domains with non dotCOM extensions fetch great prices, everyone in the know seems always be so surprised. It seems the end user/buyer often does not care about policies, traffic or income as long as he or she can get their hands on that perfect domain.

The domains below, having hyphens, numbers, three-word-names and various extensions, have all been sold in 2011.

DrinkingWaterFountains.com $7,500.00
Paris8.com $6,500.00
x-arts.com $1,488.00
WeightlossTreatmentCenter.com $1,275.00
SouthernVacationRentals.com $1,088.00
a-rival.com $1,000.00

Above - Afternic.com  sales for the week ending March 13th, 2011
GamesforGirls USD 500000
123Deal.com USD 25000
FloridaAutoInsurance.com USD 15000
Juegosdevestir.org EUR 10000
Maillotdebain.fr EUR 6000
Turismoscolastico.com USD 4188
I-Mobility.net USD 4000
Petinsurancecomparison.co.uk USD 2672
Moneymakingsite.com USD 2520
Ferienwohnungnordesee.net USD EUR 2500
Beautyandbrains.com USD 2300
Freestandcommercial.com USD 2000

For a list of our domains please visit us at domain-inventory.com

Travel & Tourism Domains

No matter what crisis develops on this planet, travel and traveling seems to be on the increase year after year. A magma and ash spitting volcano here, a government overthrown there, a global epidemic outbreak of deadly viruses, no matter. A few weeks later, as the world moves on to tend to daily chores, the long awaited vacation, business trips or those urgent family emergencies can not be put off any longer, and back we are in the seat of an airplane, the cabin of a cruise ship or rediscovering Route 66.

All this literally feeds into the urge of entrepreneurs and the desire of web designers to create new and innovative websites - hopefully to blow away the competition, if not, to get at least part of the travel market pie. Where, as in the past, a few major players dominating the global tourism market, now it's the most popular, low cost travel web sites appearing on PCs, designed for mobile use on iPads, smartphones and similar devises as well, getting most of the business. To be part of it, one needs  to own a domain name. Way back when, you put your name (in small letters) under the logo of one of the big guys. Nowadays, to be in business, you only need to own the right domain name and you're in business. You! are the big guy now.

That's where we come in. We want to give you the web site name you  want  and need. Below we have listed our exclusive selection of travel and tourism domain names that could be yours for the asking. How? Just ask your domain broker to get it for you, ask a domain broker to contact us or you can contact us directly. Ask your domain broker or a domain name auction house to place a bid on your behalf, on any of our domains, incognito of course, and once the domain name is transferred to you,  get a host and you are in business. It's that simple.

Just make a choice from the domains below now and if you still can't find what you looking for, visit our website at domain-inventory.com for more travel and tourisme domains for sale. Thank you.

Domains below are English, German, French and Croatian language domains and include .COM. EU .AT .DE .CO .US and .TEL extensions.

Click on any domain name to visit its page.


Blog Facelift

If you ever visited my blog before, you probably did not stick around very long. 

Because even though I posted from time to time, I was not paying any attention to details. My blog had all kind of different fonts, colors, layouts and the width was never adjusted. The whole thing, courtesy of GOOGLE, looked a bit unorganized and messy like a year old suit that had never been to the cleaners, but - I corrected the bad situation now.

Now look at this blog now. It's cleaned up now, with nice blue colors, matching my (ahem) logo, a streamlined format for easy viewing and reading, and of course lots of (as-best-as-I-can) blogging to read about the state of domain-inventory's domain business.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

When done, just visit my site and check out the current domain inventory of domain-inventory.com.

Thanks again