Blog Facelift

If you ever visited my blog before, you probably did not stick around very long. 

Because even though I posted from time to time, I was not paying any attention to details. My blog had all kind of different fonts, colors, layouts and the width was never adjusted. The whole thing, courtesy of GOOGLE, looked a bit unorganized and messy like a year old suit that had never been to the cleaners, but - I corrected the bad situation now.

Now look at this blog now. It's cleaned up now, with nice blue colors, matching my (ahem) logo, a streamlined format for easy viewing and reading, and of course lots of (as-best-as-I-can) blogging to read about the state of domain-inventory's domain business.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day.

When done, just visit my site and check out the current domain inventory of

Thanks again