The blog below is about my experience with a free offer to create a website. The website,  is now hosted with GoDaddy.
Here's how you can create a one page website without having to know anything about HTML.
I did it - so you can too.

I just happen to come across the 'free for one month' offer, to create a one page website. I gave it a try and here is what it looks like: After one month the cost is USD 2.99 per month. I don't know if any search engine ever is going to find it but I was able to add some affiliate links of my own.

And no, I am not affiliate with DOTSTER, I just think the learning curve for DreamWeaver and other software is too steep and 'page creators' of host companies like Host Gator and others are so complicated, that even though I tried most for a month, in the end I just gave up.

Maybe we could sell more domains, when the follow-up, namely creating a website, wouldn't be such a pain. To make the page was as easy as slicing bread - maybe some domain hosting companies will take notice.

Here is the Dotster website

Follow-up: April 26, 2011- Unfortunately the Page Title, which in this case should be, does not show on top of the website, instead 'My Instant Website' is the title :-(

Because a Title Page, always displays on top, and is what search engines looking for, Having another title there, greatly reduces the change of any search engine like GOOGLE and others to find it.

Basically my page now is not called '' as it should but 'My Instant Website'. instead I don't think many people would want their site to be called 'My Instant Website'.  

I tried to email DOTSTER about this problem, but there is no provision to send an email to them and they seem to have no TWITTER account either.

So my experience with the one page website had limited success and I will take the site down before the 30 trial period is up.

I have also sign up with GoDaddy but here my finished page would show the 'Website tonight' logo, at the bottom of the page so just like DOTSTER only serves to promote the host but not me as a customer nor my website nor relating to a site content.

 Anyway, I'll keep you posted when I found an acceptable solution.