One Perfect Domain

The first domain name was a .com domain, and registered in 1985. Org and .edu extensions also appeared for the first time in 1985 and the next year we had the first .net domain on the Internet.
The trend to add extensions to domains has not stopped since, so far there are about 210 millions top level domains registered worldwide now.  You can choose from 280 Internet extensions and new ones like .berlin .eco .film .gay .hotel .med .music .nyc .shop .sport .web .xxx and more will be on the Internet by the end of 2012.
So the question is how to create one perfect domain with so many choices available?  The answer seems to be simple: A perfect domain can be created from any word in the dictionary, plus an extension like .com .de or other.
It sounds simple - but it is not. The problem is, it all has been done already. Every word in the English dictionary and in just about any other language is now, 25 years after the first domain registration taken, particular any domain name with a .com extension.
So what is the perfect domain name? The perfect domain is the one that fits its purpose. Make sure you choose a name that is related to your business or commerce and/or the purpose of the website, geared towards your target audience, not to mention a search engine friendly,  short name or catchy phrase that's easy to remember and you’ll end up with a perfect domain.
Domain-inventory owns some perfect examples (all for sale): For a U.S. travel agent, a name like clearly defines his/her line of business and indicates to customers what is being offered. has now been developed into a website.
Another example: While a domain like might be a bid long for a domain name it can still be considered a perfect business / website domain name because it is easy to remember due to the key words ‘Paris, Honeymoon and Hotels’. A search engine  like GOOGLE and others will look for domains containing such words when a search is initiated for Paris and/or Honeymoon and/or Hotels. The domain name itself with a .com top level domain extension is also very easy to remember.
With all current and upcoming new domain extensions it is important to cover  all of your potential territory and to do this you could register as many extensions as you like. i.e.
The above shows a domain name with three different top level  domains, TLDs, extensions.  

The same could be done with different country codes, ccTLDs, like this example  below shows:
To do this, to buy every extension for a domain name would take quite a bit of money, particular in the light of the fact that an initial purchase of a 'new' domain name requires even more money. 

To avoid paying to much for a  new domain name, domain registrars like and others will offer top level domain registration like .com for less than 20 USD and at the same time offer hosting and more. The trick is to find a domain name that has not been taken yet. So we are back to step one (see above). was available and has been registered in 2008.  It has been just now been developed into a growing website, with stories about different destinations in America and Canada. is the latest addition of domains developed by Domain-inventory into internet sites.
As you can see the domain business is interesting and a lot of fun, anybody can be part of it without any special education or requirements. For more information follow the experts on their blogs and my twitter and facebook links. To help you along, we offer a few perfect domains for sale as well, so check our domain inventory at where after all you might find one perfect domain.