eCars and SmartTVs

Should you have visited our web site lately you might have noticed that we have  added some new domains to our inventory, if not here is a run-down on what's new at Domain-inventory.
Smart TV is the new slogan for all things in home entertainment electronics, but it's more than just a  catchy slogan. Smart TV, besides  regular programming, brings twitter, facebook, Google and whatever else you like to see on television right to your TV screen, including thousands and thousands  of smart TV apps. Therefore is the one domain to acquire if you are selling smart TVs, apps or both or just want to make a very smart investment.
Equally up-to-date and very much in demand are 'e-Car' domains. e-Cars,  as someone puts it so rightly, will be the iphones of the automobile industry, possible helping the economy shifting into higher gear. Judging from the involvement and investments of global major car makers, this (r)evolutionary, long overdue transportation novelty, could take off in a big way particular in 'green' dominated Europe.
Therefore we are very pleased to offer e-Car domains with dot-eu, (European Union) dot-es (Spain) and dot-de (German) extensions for the emerging European e-Car Sales and e-Car Rental business. 
If you are in the car selling business, consider these  two premium domains for purchase: and For any e-Car Rental company doing business in Germany we strongly suggest to buy the domain before your  competition get it. Don't miss out!
Our Spanish e-Car domain is elCocheelé translating as 'The Electric Automobile'. This could easily grace the top of a Spanish web site dealing  exclusively with e-Cars en Español. We urge you to acquire the domain before it's gone.  While you consider its purchase  consider also another top level dot-es domain for the Spanish market: Make an offer  now and place your bids on all domains  above thus, if you win the bids, you could dominate the Spanish e-Car market!
With those domain on top of your web site(s) your internet traffic and e-Car sales will soar to new hights. Not yet convinced?  Consider this: When searching for 'e-Car' Google web search returns an amazing 231000000 results and 1200000000 images!!
Last but not least  we offer a few new dot-de domains, namely Fernverkehrszü = Far Travel Trains, = Seal Spray, = Long Distance Train Traffic, and for 'encore' just another dot-eu domain:
We leave you with a couple of good ol' mother of all domain, dot-com extension domain names. Even though it has been in our inventory for some time is now listed for sale at SEDO. And is another great addition.
Visit to see our entire inventory of the finest  premium and most diversified domain names. 
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