Business as usual

With the global economy moving on crutches and failures of banks and even failures of whole countries looming above our heads, here at Domain-inventory it's  still business as usual. While Fitch, Standard and Poors and other rating agencies have refrained from rating domain name sellers, it would not take a downgrade to notice that some domainers throwing in the towel.

The similarities between the real estate market and cyber real estate are obvious. While many home buyers have purchased homes without ever having had the means to fully pay for them, so domain buyers have registered domain names, that right from the beginning had no potential market value whatsoever.

While many overvalued real estate purchases lost their value when the housing bubble burst, some domain names that should have never been bought or registered went bust as well or never took off in the first place.

In the same way banks now need cash for their rescue, many domainers sitting on unwanted domains, trying to unload them and offer their lot at discounts and no minimum. Of course, it's hard to believe in a discount for something that wasn't worth anything at all. Offering a domain name at no minimum serves only to declare it's true 'zero' value.

Bad banks who now accumulate worthless security packages, (to be written off in the future), so  do unfortunate domainers that got earlier swept away by reports of astronomical sale prices for dot-com domains now find their domains totally ignored by potential buyers and domain brokers.

While the loss for inflated real estate still hurt thousands today, domainers, who try to hang on to useless domains, are forced to renew domain name registration and thus, depending on the amount of domains, they own occur heavy expenses but no income,  or else must decide get out of the domain business altogether.

It's a sorry picture to see domains being offered at One US Dollar on eBay, or once high flying domain names bringing only a fraction of what has been paid previously. It is a desperate push trying to recover some money invested that shouldn't have been invested so recklessly.

Meanwhile, a few happy-go-lucky end-users, being oblivious to the normal domain name purchase process through domain resellers or brokers, register domains
at their hearts content - happily mixing words, names, professions, occupations, dots, hyphens and numbers thus creating really ugly and equally worthless domain names.

In all those tumultuous times, domain-inventory continues to conduct business as usual and to offer premium selections of top level domain names to companies and commercial enterprises, as we have done since 2008.
You can acquire any domain from Domain-inventory with confidence, because the initial investment will pay for itself as soon as the domain name becomes the heading of an e-commerce  business or directs traffic into an existing website.

You own it to yourself to check our inventory and you will see that the right domain name is available right here at a reasonable price.
Contact me or a domain broker of your choice. With two options, either making an outright offer at a fixed price. or by starting an auction with  a domain broker, you can have the domain  name you need and always wanted.
Because you want premium domain names in the key word language of your choice, with country code and top level extension that guarantee traffic, income and recognition. 

That's exactly what we got - so call us now or contact your domain broker.