Oh yes, have I mentioned the new Domain-Inventory.com?

As a regular follower of my site you must have noticed that this is a very radical facelift, but I felt that my former website was becoming to big and bit bloated. The (former) host also did never provided updates or new versions and did not responded to inquiries.

Well luckily there is a choice for hosts and we now have a new website and GoDaddy www.GoDaddy.com as host for our new website as well as for some of our other sites, developed to show what can be done with great domain names. 

Our new websites are IdoFly.com, CruiseDiscount.co, USACanadaTours.com and Travel360.us. And as mentioned earlier our dot-co domains have their own site domaininventory.co. These great domain names with their own website are also for sale at domain-inventory.
You owe it to yourself to check out our domain inventory if you searching for the right domain to grace the top of a new website. Feel free to visit all our sites - our domains, unless sold, are available for sale or lease and all are premium top level domains with the right key word(s), great variety and the extensions that fit your ideas.
So please come on by, have a look at our 400+ domain names and choose one that's right for you. For assistance, help and any questions you may have contact me or call a domain broker.

As a reminder, all our domains are registered with ICANN registered domain brokers and can be purchased through domain name auctions or through direct buy.

Thank you again for your visit to domain-inventory.com. Check our great domain inventory of top level and country code domain names today!

Dot-co Domains

You might have heard about another auction starting at SEDO in December. This time dot-co domains are being offered to ‘one million potential customers’. As much as we like to throw our dot-co inventory into the auction action, there are restrictions this time allowing only English and Spanish dot-co domains to participate.

Therefore our small collection of dot-co domain names does not fit into the language category requirement at SEDO but they might be an exact fit for your business. Particular when your business is located in any German or French speaking country. 

So if you sell farm equipment, leather goods or tobacco products, 3D-TVs or if you run a Casino, Video Rental Service or produce music videos in a German speaking country like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you should check our German language .co domains.

For markets in France and Canada the French dot-co domain names billetterie.co and labourse.co could be the highest interest for you if your business relates to those domain names.

Last but not least we do offer one English language dot-co domain, cruisediscount.co, for those who are engaged in the ever growing global business of cruise ship cabin reservations.

For more of our dot-co domain please visit Domaininventory.co and for all our domains for sale visit Domain-inventory.com.

For any purchase from our domain inventory please contact us or a domain broker of your choice.