Besides the uniqueness of every domain name, there is a real money saving advantage of why it pays for an end user to buy a domain from Domain-inventory.

End-users do not resell domain names unless they sell their business too, (which is another reason to buy a domain in the first place). Since a domain name should fit the business to a T, it absolutely must be a particular name for a very specific business or commerce.

Obviously, an end user who would decide to buy a domain like BBQSteakhouse.com would have solid intentions to open a BBQ Steakhouse, because the idea about a BBQ Steakhouse has now been approved by all concerned, the business plan has been sanctioned by the banks, the lease is signed and the name of the business is about to be fixed as a flaming neon sign above the entrance to the new establishment.  

One should not overlook the importance of an established business acquiring additional domain names to increase website traffic by redirecting to their home page. For example, any beer distribution commerce in a Spanish language market might greatly benefit from a domain name like Cerveza360. See our website for more samples of what can be done with additional domains.

Buying directly from Domain-inventory saves money because the cost for a direct buy from a private domain owner, like domain-inventory will always be lower as if the domain is acquired from a big domain reseller with a big overhead.
Domain resellers with their huge inventory might still not own the right domain name. Dealing in domains and reselling them has a detrimental effect on its price and the end-user who buys from a domain reseller is losing out because either because the price ask is way to high and the domain thus becomes unavailable.

Domain-inventory is not a reseller. We have registered our domains at the source which keeps our final cost down and we cut out any middlemen and so we are able to offer domains at reasonable and affordable prices. As a matter of fact bids of as little as EURO 100 are accepted for most of our domains and our buy now prices are very reasonable as well.

Visit Domain-inventory today to find the right domain name at the right price.

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We offer hundreds of premium, multilingual, top level domains and country code domains with a great variety of extensions like .com, .eu .de and more. If you intend to open up a business and start a web site you owe it to yourself to check our inventory. Many of our premium domains are very well suited to increase traffic to an already up and running site as well.

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