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OMG. Has it been really February 2012 since my last post on this blog? Well, as I pointed out previously I would dedicate less time to this blog; however it seems that people still visit and read it anyway. Thank you.

In addition there are quite a few posts at facebook and twitter and I just started a group on LinkIn, too

For balance, more information has also been added to my website domain-inventory. There are now 10 pages filled with domains for sale, with many new domains added all the time.

Despite the introduction of many new suffixes, sales for top level domains (TLDs) as well as country code domains (ccTLDs) continue to be amazingly high. Savvy investors, entrepreneurs and business paying top Dollars, Euros and Pounds for premium domain names through domain name auctions and private sales. Check here for the latest domains sold.
Some new interesting sites and sections have been added across 10 different subjects at domain-inventory.

How to Buy - Good to Know - Get Started - Domain Information  Cover your Bases - Domain Forums - Events Calendar  Careers/Jobs - Business Organizations.

The above makes for an educational visit into the world of domains because there are now many links to domain related themes.

So what you are waiting for? Visit Domain-inventory now and see what’s interesting and exciting in today’s domain world.

For questions and comments send me an email.

My 14 music / domain Videos are here. has been expanding the site quite a bit and recently several new pages and features have been added.
A Buy Now page has been added with all domains listed as websites links. Now, by clicking on a domain name leads directly to a domain broker like Sedo, Afternic and others, thus making it very easy and convenient to buy a domain, making an offer or placing a bid.
Another page, Sold, lists the most recent global domain sales including purchase price, of top level domains like dot-com as well as country code domains like This makes it easy to get a pretty good idea what a domain is worth.

New domain names have also been added and you can check them out at our Domains page.

I also have added Inventory,  a printable page of my domain inventory, listing most of my domains.

I am working relentlessly to improve the entire sight and to make each visit to domain-inventory a pleasure, providing you with easy and fast navigation as well as the latest and useful information.

Check our new sections, interesting facts, schedule of events and even job offers in the domain industry

I also added my first dot-fr domain to the inventory as well as some newly registered domains for sale as well.

Visit the page now to see all the exiting news at

Fixed price domains.

In order to enhance domain buying, Domain-inventory has streamlined domain prices in a new and simplified way.

Now there is only one domain price according to the extension of the domain (the suffix). In other words all .com domains, regardless of length, language or other criteria have the same price. The same applies to all other top level and to all country code domains, all costing the same according to their suffix.

As far as I know this is a totally new domain selling approach. It makes buying a domain easy and takes the confusion out of choosing the right domain name.

So starting today, any domain at Domain-inventory can be purchased at a set price because the price is determined by the extension of the domain, i.e. .com, .net, .eu, etc.

A direct buy is the best and quickest way to buy a domain, once you selected a domain, but don't want it to be in an auction. Together with professional domain brokers and licenced escrow services the domain of your choice will be transferred into your name within a day or two after purchase. Visit my site to get my domain price list.

However, for those who still like the excitement of an auction, lower price auction bids are still accepted and might be placed for any domain with a domain broker of your choice. Accepted bids result in a domain auction that usually runs for 7 days, after which time the domain is transferred into the name and possession of the highest bidder without any additional cost for the buyer.
Visit now, find the domain that's right for you and if you like to communicate with me directly contact me or contact a domain broker for additional extensive, professional assistance.

Thank you.

Website expansion

Yes, I do realize that there hasn’t been any entry into this blog lately. The reason is that most of my energy went into my website. I have added many more articles and useful links, pictures and updates, all relating to the domain business.

New website sections include global JOBS and CAREER OPENINGS in the domain industry, a CALENDAR OF EVENTS for business and entrepreneurs; helpful site to links of U.S Business Organizations as well as practical guides in some 20 plus languages for doing business in Europe and much more.

I do intend to expand my home page and double pages, since it is starting to become very crowed. In addition the bulk of information and news will be added to my website first before and new articles are posted on this blog.

Please use this blog as a reference to past articles written by me about the domain business. For the most updated information visit Thank you.

What's with these domains?

Amazingly, even though people practically touch on domains every day, some still wonder what a domain is.

The person who asks the question 'what's with these domains' is a young professional with a good education and he holds a position in administrative management. For this dear friend and all others who might wonder what a domain name is, let's briefly recap what a domain is, how it becomes a domain and a website.

Our man is Joe Average and his lovely fiancee Annie. Joe is driven to open a business. He has an idea and wants to open a sandwich shop. From his savings he will take out enough money to rent a store, equip it with everything he needs like refrigeration, counter tops, coffee machines, cash registers, tables and chairs and whatever else the shop may need.

For lack of a store name he had ask his suppliers to bill him to his future address and so all his bills came addressed to 'the Sandwich Shop'.

A few days before the scheduled opening date, the plumber, electrician, painters and the interior decorator had almost done their jobs and now it was time to stock the store with merchandise, when Annie realized that there was wasn't a shop sign installed anywhere on the outside.

Having looked at the name many times on all his bills he decided that The Sandwich Shop was a perfect name for his business because it described exactly what he was doing and what the shop was all about. So up went the sign 'The Sandwich Shop' and thus the baby finally was given a name.

To be listed in the Yellow Pages and the local and citywide business listings, Joe also needed, besides his physical address, a web address, so he decided to take the domain name for his business from the name of his business.

And while he had plans to extend the business and turn it into a franchise he called his first shop So his domain name become which he simply registered with a domain broker recommended to him by a friend.

So his new business name became also his own domain (name) and vice versa. The domain was No-one can take the name away from him as long as he paid the annual domain name registration fees.  Better yet he would register his domain for several years with automatic renewal so he would never lose his domain name

To wrap it up: If you got an idea, think of a name for your business and register or buy the corresponding domain (name). You now have the business you always wanted, a domain and there you go. Idea, domain name, website and business. In that order and that's all it takes, other than having a little cash on the side for the difficult start-up period. 

It is really simple. The domain names becomes the identity of the business, trade, commerce and website. Without a domain there cannot be a website and any business would be very limited without a website.

While you may have to pay a high price to buy a domain of your choice, the annual renewal of a domain is only a fraction of the purchase price.

Contact me, Nicco, for any additional questions you may have. For a choice of top level domains for sale including country code domains visit now. 

Thank you.