What's with these domains?

Amazingly, even though people practically touch on domains every day, some still wonder what a domain is.

The person who asks the question 'what's with these domains' is a young professional with a good education and he holds a position in administrative management. For this dear friend and all others who might wonder what a domain name is, let's briefly recap what a domain is, how it becomes a domain and a website.

Our man is Joe Average and his lovely fiancee Annie. Joe is driven to open a business. He has an idea and wants to open a sandwich shop. From his savings he will take out enough money to rent a store, equip it with everything he needs like refrigeration, counter tops, coffee machines, cash registers, tables and chairs and whatever else the shop may need.

For lack of a store name he had ask his suppliers to bill him to his future address and so all his bills came addressed to 'the Sandwich Shop'.

A few days before the scheduled opening date, the plumber, electrician, painters and the interior decorator had almost done their jobs and now it was time to stock the store with merchandise, when Annie realized that there was wasn't a shop sign installed anywhere on the outside.

Having looked at the name many times on all his bills he decided that The Sandwich Shop was a perfect name for his business because it described exactly what he was doing and what the shop was all about. So up went the sign 'The Sandwich Shop' and thus the baby finally was given a name.

To be listed in the Yellow Pages and the local and citywide business listings, Joe also needed, besides his physical address, a web address, so he decided to take the domain name for his business from the name of his business.

And while he had plans to extend the business and turn it into a franchise he called his first shop thesandwichshops.com. So his domain name become thesandwichshops.com which he simply registered with a domain broker recommended to him by a friend.

So his new business name became also his own domain (name) and vice versa. The domain was TheSandwichSops.com. No-one can take the name away from him as long as he paid the annual domain name registration fees.  Better yet he would register his domain for several years with automatic renewal so he would never lose his domain name thesandwichshops.com.

To wrap it up: If you got an idea, think of a name for your business and register or buy the corresponding domain (name). You now have the business you always wanted, a domain and there you go. Idea, domain name, website and business. In that order and that's all it takes, other than having a little cash on the side for the difficult start-up period. 

It is really simple. The domain names becomes the identity of the business, trade, commerce and website. Without a domain there cannot be a website and any business would be very limited without a website.

While you may have to pay a high price to buy a domain of your choice, the annual renewal of a domain is only a fraction of the purchase price.

Contact me, Nicco, for any additional questions you may have. For a choice of top level domains for sale including country code domains visit domain-inventory.com now. 

Thank you.