Fixed price domains.

In order to enhance domain buying, Domain-inventory has streamlined domain prices in a new and simplified way.

Now there is only one domain price according to the extension of the domain (the suffix). In other words all .com domains, regardless of length, language or other criteria have the same price. The same applies to all other top level and to all country code domains, all costing the same according to their suffix.

As far as I know this is a totally new domain selling approach. It makes buying a domain easy and takes the confusion out of choosing the right domain name.

So starting today, any domain at Domain-inventory can be purchased at a set price because the price is determined by the extension of the domain, i.e. .com, .net, .eu, etc.

A direct buy is the best and quickest way to buy a domain, once you selected a domain, but don't want it to be in an auction. Together with professional domain brokers and licenced escrow services the domain of your choice will be transferred into your name within a day or two after purchase. Visit my site to get my domain price list.

However, for those who still like the excitement of an auction, lower price auction bids are still accepted and might be placed for any domain with a domain broker of your choice. Accepted bids result in a domain auction that usually runs for 7 days, after which time the domain is transferred into the name and possession of the highest bidder without any additional cost for the buyer.
Visit now, find the domain that's right for you and if you like to communicate with me directly contact me or contact a domain broker for additional extensive, professional assistance.

Thank you.