Today’s Domain World

OMG. Has it been really February 2012 since my last post on this blog? Well, as I pointed out previously I would dedicate less time to this blog; however it seems that people still visit and read it anyway. Thank you.

In addition there are quite a few posts at facebook and twitter and I just started a group on LinkIn, too

For balance, more information has also been added to my website domain-inventory. There are now 10 pages filled with domains for sale, with many new domains added all the time.

Despite the introduction of many new suffixes, sales for top level domains (TLDs) as well as country code domains (ccTLDs) continue to be amazingly high. Savvy investors, entrepreneurs and business paying top Dollars, Euros and Pounds for premium domain names through domain name auctions and private sales. Check here for the latest domains sold.
Some new interesting sites and sections have been added across 10 different subjects at domain-inventory.

How to Buy - Good to Know - Get Started - Domain Information  Cover your Bases - Domain Forums - Events Calendar  Careers/Jobs - Business Organizations.

The above makes for an educational visit into the world of domains because there are now many links to domain related themes.

So what you are waiting for? Visit Domain-inventory now and see what’s interesting and exciting in today’s domain world.

For questions and comments send me an email.

My 14 music / domain Videos are here.