December Sales.

There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to high prices being paid for top level domains.

As DNJournal shows in its latest reports, 5 of the top sales for the week ending December 15, 2013 are above USD 100,000.

Domains could hardly be any shorter and easier to remember as in $450,00, $230,000 and $138,000.

Other selected domains sold this week have been mentioned on our site under SOLD to give you an idea and some sort of guidance what the market is currently paying for similar domains that can be found in our inventory.

Other interesting and lower priced top level domain sales are mentioned below., and each brought in $10,000

Top level country code domains sold at very reasonable levels as shown in for €9,000, €7,999, and for only $5,550.

Even some three word domains did well with, and all sold for under $5,000.

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So much talk about new domain (endings) and look who’s still out on top.
The dot-coms have it again.

What makes this weeks of December sales so significant are two things: High prices and one and two word domain names.

Equally remarkable at fourth place listed by is a dot-es, PIZZA.ES, with a sale of €35,000 = $48,300.

Short, easy to remember domains with fair sales prices.

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Expensive, but worth it.

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The little guys.

This is what comes to mind when you look at the latest county code domain sales for Austria and Belgium.
While the top sale, comes out with flying colors and a $2,300.000 sale, the little guys, country code domain extensions dot-be, dot-at and some other ccTLDs, barely register sales above EUR 1,000.
Over in Belgium sold for $1,995 and for $1,349.
In Austria sold for $1,283 and for $1013.
Other country code domains include small sales for extensions .fr, .es .de and .eu.
Judging from the above it seems that the dot-coms still have it as this week sales listing at DNJournal shows.
Unusual, because of its hyphen, is sold for GBP 24,001, for $30,000 and for $25,000 the latest being three word domains and fetching a very nice price indeed.
The infinite length domain of the week goes to selling for $2,356. Still while americanbuildingcomponents only returns less than 7,000 results by Google, american building components return over 10,000,000. Go figure.  
Moniker/SnapNames got lots of dot-info sold like $6,001, $5,500, $3,500, $3,351 and $3,210.
GoDaddy/Afternic concentrated more on dot-net domains as $5,388, $5,000, $3,000, $2,221 and $2,088 shows.
As we can see the buyers and sellers are a bit all over the place, it remains to be seen when we again will see a ccTLD going under the hammer with a big bang (or any of the new gTLDs for that matter).

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My, my, my!

My, my, my, would you look at all these two word and hyphenated Domains sold this week.
Here they are:
Two Word dot-com Domains:  $ 50,000 $40,000 $21,000 $20,000 $15,766
The above dot-com all made it into the top 20 of this week.
Remarkable also a two word dot-org domain, selling for $16,865.
Selling for exactly $ 5,000 are more two word dot-coms like,,,, and, plus many, many more two word domains for under $5,000 are complementing the list.
Rather than going with the much touted and expensive new extensions, it might just be cheaper to buy a two word domain and thus avoiding all the cost associated with the new gTLDs.
What is interesting, that the German dot-de market just continues to play by their own rules adding more and more hyphenated domains to the (German) domain world, like: €4,500, (My-Village) $2,025 $2,025 (Vacation-Italy) $1,553 (Carpet-Center) $1,350 $1,349
It pays, one could argue, not to include any Hyphen, as the domain sold for $3,500 by GoDaddy/Afternic proves.
Frankly I wouldn’t know where to insert the hyphens on this one, but I am sure there are several possibilities. – dot-com sold for $35,000,000 in 2007 and ever since the two word domains have brought in some real money as we can see in the latest sales report as listed at DNJournal for sales ending in November 3, 2013.

I wonder how much would have brought. Certainly not $35,000,000.
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Anything goes.

It’s Halloween, anything goes.
Here are my thoughts on selected domain sales as reported by DNJournal.
Leading the pack of somewhat unusual Domain names is selling for USD 80,000! That’s perfectly acceptable because the name is composed of only four letters and the high price brushes any questions aside. high price (selling for USD 35,000) can also be explained for its shortness of this name. Searches for both sites resolve to Chinese sites… (USD 28,000) must have been bought by the same company with a dot-in extension.
However, I wonder what (USD 20,000) is going to evolve into. This is not a site yet.  SeaWorld comes to mind. (USD 20,000!) could be another travel comparison site actually is on line as a ‘data recovery’ site.
Nintendo comes to mind when looking at (USD 15,000) let’s wait here for news from gaming news sites. Still there is no web site yet. (USD 13,000) sounds good too, maybe they offer some really great deals on flat Internet rates. (USD 12,000) must have been bought by a German recycling company since Germany will abandon all nuclear energy facilities all together and is now trying to get rid of all nuclear assets. (The site actually redirects to another web site). (USD 12,000) Misspelled? Without any site yet.
Here is a domain that probably could sell any domain or anything else for that matter: (2,000). (£4,500) is the site to click on when you are in real trouble.
At the same time it shows that having the wrong extension for even a two letter domain name can be pretty useless, as (only fetched USD 1,355) and (USD 1,600) shows.
The importance of a keyword loaded domain relating to a corresponding website cannot be overstated. Having perfect harmony between a business and its proper domain name will result in Google first page search results and increase traffic.
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See for yourself

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Bought (registered) by Rick Schwartz for $100 in 1996 and sold on September 16, 2013 for USD1,350,000 Million.
Read about it at Ricks Blog.


The one thing I noticed while looking at the latest domain sales as reported by was the strong showing of

While sedo is usually the major seller of domain names it is nice to see, that recently created Domainnamesales has taken charge and sold most of the highest priced domains this time.

Dot-com as always takes the cake with a USD 190,000 sale for, but on place 4 we have a domain sale for USD 55,000, (because of 3D printing?) sold for USD 44,000.

Check our 'sold' section for more interesting domain sales.

Country code domain sales

County Code Top Level Domains

The standstill I wrote about in my last post has been interrupted for now by a few and other mainly .de ccTLDs sales.
The figures for domains sales as reported by DNJournal show three in the top 20.
Coming in at second place (first place was taken by for USD 160,000) is '' having been sold for GBP 37,500 (USD 60,000).
Followed close at fifth place was '' for GBP 18,000 ($17,280) and a third extension on 16th place was taken by '' sold for USD 8,000. All above domains sold by sedo.
While other country code domains are not listed in the top 20, it is interesting to notice that an .info took the number 6 spot. '' sold by afternic for USD 15,000.
Also noteworthy might be a dot-net sale ‘’ by DomainNameSale for USD 7,500 on sixth place.
Besides the above mentioned country codes, sales are followed by quite a few additional German .de domain names beginning with the highest price paid for 'Reiserü' selling for EUR 5,000 (USD 7,300). This word translates as ‘Travel-cancellation-reimbursement-insurance’ It takes 4th place and was sold by sedo.
One listed French domain, ‘’ - Employment offers, sold for EUR 5,000 (USD 6,700) and for even less were a bunch of mainly German domains.

One .us '' sold by sedo for USD 3,000.
More power to the European country code domains market.
Visit DNJournal for the complete listing.

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Jobs-Wozniak-Garage dot-com

As the last two weeks of domain sales are reported by DNJournal the first thing that get noticed is that all the top sales are dot-coms. What you expect you might think, but it strikes me as absolutely strange that the highest country code domain sold and reported during the last two weeks is the highest European country code domain sold.

Of course there is the possibility that a dot-de, dot at or dot-fr and other ccTLDs did get sold but not reported, have been overlooked or were vailed in private transactions.

But this is not the first time I have noticed this trend of (old) country code domains not  being sold. The highest dot-de sold this past week did not even bring EUR 5000! This is a one word top level keyword domain and it is worth much more.

The highest price paid for a dot-eu went for for only USD 4650, a Belgian domain (yes they do have their own extension), sold for EUR 3000 and, whow! believe it or not an Austrian domain was sold, however it brought in small change at USD 1915.

Could it really be true that for over two weeks, no other significant  sale occurred, I mean they are twice as many people living in Austria than in Belgium, so something should give.

Meanwhile at the dot-com market was sold for USD110,000, BudgetDirect for USD 50,000 and another two letter domain fetched USD 30,000. Bravo.

What is happening here?

One begins to believe the Europeans just do not believe in the power of a strong domain name such as the dot-coms selling week after week. In addition I believe European just are not willing to or can't pay the price for a top level domain. They would rather construe a long mumble-jumble domain name for the low price of the simple domain registration.

Living in Germany I am amazed how many bad domain name and email addresses are used by business that I came across every day. Hyphens flying all over the place and domains are construed in any lets-just-go-for-it way, that there can be no way they end up in the first pages during an Internet search.

It seems to me that to many business in Europe have not even bothered to understand what a domain name should be and what it is to do and can for a business. The important thing here seems to be get the name of the business owner, together with the profession they are in and combining the whole thing in a long twisted domain name that will never make it onto the first pages.

As if Jobs-Wozniak-Garage dot-com could have ever been a great domain name.

The highest dot-de sold ever was for a little under EUR 2,000,000 and brought in a fairly good price as well. But that was 5 years ago. Maybe the people who bought those two, scooped up everything else in Europe.

The best European domain extensions might have been sold already, but still, it would be reassuring to see signals that ecommerce is advancing a bit more rapidly in Europe as it does elsewhere. Judging from domain sales of European country code domains, it seems we in Europe are at a standstill.

Nicco Schaal

Our comments

Our comments.
As the month of August draws to a close it is interesting to see what has sold during the second part of the month. While the combined effort of sedo andGoDaddyAuctions has led to a USD 100,000 sale of and other dot-coms have raked in big sales as well; country code and other top level domains also made the list.
A dot-org, brought in USD 27,500; fetched a healthy USD 10,000 and a somewhat disappointing low and underpaid EUR 29,500. I suspect this to be an investment to be sold at multiple times that price later down the road.
While at times it seems that certain European country code domains do not trade at all, (or don't make any sales listing) dot-be, dot-fr and dot-at made it this time, although with a somewhat dismal performance.  Let the record show that brought in EUR 2,500, sold for USD 1,995 and at the low end sold for only USD 1,277.
Surprisingly dot-us is totally absent from the list this time, but dot-pro makes as decent showing as listed by DNJournal.
That wraps it up for this time, check back with us for the latest domain sales comments next time.

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Amazing domains.

Amazing domains.
Looking back on domain sales it strikes me as amazing how well the domain business is flourishing after all these years.
It's remarkable that every kind of domain can find a buyer through domain broker sales and private sales transactions.
No matter if a domain is not all that short, or is not a dot-com, includes numbers, hyphens and non-English words, it sells.
Have a look at sales for July (2013). a country code domain for Germany includes a hyphen and sold for EUR 2677.
Another domain, also hyphenated and again with a non dot-com sold for almost EUR 3000.
People who felt sorry for anyone owning a domain with the extension should sit down and be quiet for a while, since here are two beauties,, sold for GBP 3000 and for GBP 4,500., not really a Spanish word, sold with a dot-es extension and fetched EUR 5000.
Even three words domain names like sold at USD 3100. Maybe the dot-com extension supported this somewhat long, three word domain in this case. It should do well on top of any website because it literally drips with the right keywords for anyone selling tour packages to Turkey., ‘not even’ a dot-com, but a three word domain too, sold for even more than the domain mention above at a fat USD 3500. FreeWebsiteBuilder sold for even more at USD 46,000!
Numbers in a domain name were supposed to be a no-no, not being accepted in some auctions and certain domain brokers, now fetching nice premiums. Look at at USD 15,000, at USD 4500, sold (in May) for USD 14,999, (April) 15,000 and USD 17,500. And this takes the cake: sold for USD 2,100,000, yes, that's 2 Million U.S. Dollars and change.
Domains in other than in the English language but with a top level extension also doing quite well. Just look at these sales: EUR 14,995, USD 3.325 and for USD 2,500.
Let’s not forget the lesser wanted info, org, eu, at, be etc who all found buyers and at some handsome prices as well.
So before you give up on domains altogether and offer your 'jewels' at eBay with no minimum, hold, buy and acquire domain names with real value. Your rewards might be well worth the wait.

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