Amazing domains.

Amazing domains.
Looking back on domain sales it strikes me as amazing how well the domain business is flourishing after all these years.
It's remarkable that every kind of domain can find a buyer through domain broker sales and private sales transactions.
No matter if a domain is not all that short, or is not a dot-com, includes numbers, hyphens and non-English words, it sells.
Have a look at sales for July (2013). a country code domain for Germany includes a hyphen and sold for EUR 2677.
Another domain, also hyphenated and again with a non dot-com sold for almost EUR 3000.
People who felt sorry for anyone owning a domain with the extension should sit down and be quiet for a while, since here are two beauties,, sold for GBP 3000 and for GBP 4,500., not really a Spanish word, sold with a dot-es extension and fetched EUR 5000.
Even three words domain names like sold at USD 3100. Maybe the dot-com extension supported this somewhat long, three word domain in this case. It should do well on top of any website because it literally drips with the right keywords for anyone selling tour packages to Turkey., ‘not even’ a dot-com, but a three word domain too, sold for even more than the domain mention above at a fat USD 3500. FreeWebsiteBuilder sold for even more at USD 46,000!
Numbers in a domain name were supposed to be a no-no, not being accepted in some auctions and certain domain brokers, now fetching nice premiums. Look at at USD 15,000, at USD 4500, sold (in May) for USD 14,999, (April) 15,000 and USD 17,500. And this takes the cake: sold for USD 2,100,000, yes, that's 2 Million U.S. Dollars and change.
Domains in other than in the English language but with a top level extension also doing quite well. Just look at these sales: EUR 14,995, USD 3.325 and for USD 2,500.
Let’s not forget the lesser wanted info, org, eu, at, be etc who all found buyers and at some handsome prices as well.
So before you give up on domains altogether and offer your 'jewels' at eBay with no minimum, hold, buy and acquire domain names with real value. Your rewards might be well worth the wait.

To see more sales for this year please visit sold at Domain-inventory.

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