Our comments

Our comments.
As the month of August draws to a close it is interesting to see what has sold during the second part of the month. While the combined effort of sedo andGoDaddyAuctions has led to a USD 100,000 sale of OPS.com and other dot-coms have raked in big sales as well; country code and other top level domains also made the list.
A dot-org, Kittens.org brought in USD 27,500; GreenTea.net fetched a healthy USD 10,000 and Mail.co.uk a somewhat disappointing low and underpaid EUR 29,500. I suspect this to be an investment to be sold at multiple times that price later down the road.
While at times it seems that certain European country code domains do not trade at all, (or don't make any sales listing) dot-be, dot-fr and dot-at made it this time, although with a somewhat dismal performance.  Let the record show that Allocine.be brought in EUR 2,500, Yogaparis.fr sold for USD 1,995 and sex-cam.at at the low end sold for only USD 1,277.
Surprisingly dot-us is totally absent from the list this time, but dot-pro makes as decent showing as listed by DNJournal.
That wraps it up for this time, check back with us for the latest domain sales comments next time.

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