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County Code Top Level Domains

The standstill I wrote about in my last post has been interrupted for now by a few and other mainly .de ccTLDs sales.
The figures for domains sales as reported by DNJournal show three in the top 20.
Coming in at second place (first place was taken by for USD 160,000) is '' having been sold for GBP 37,500 (USD 60,000).
Followed close at fifth place was '' for GBP 18,000 ($17,280) and a third extension on 16th place was taken by '' sold for USD 8,000. All above domains sold by sedo.
While other country code domains are not listed in the top 20, it is interesting to notice that an .info took the number 6 spot. '' sold by afternic for USD 15,000.
Also noteworthy might be a dot-net sale ‘’ by DomainNameSale for USD 7,500 on sixth place.
Besides the above mentioned country codes, sales are followed by quite a few additional German .de domain names beginning with the highest price paid for 'Reiser├╝' selling for EUR 5,000 (USD 7,300). This word translates as ‘Travel-cancellation-reimbursement-insurance’ It takes 4th place and was sold by sedo.
One listed French domain, ‘’ - Employment offers, sold for EUR 5,000 (USD 6,700) and for even less were a bunch of mainly German domains.

One .us '' sold by sedo for USD 3,000.
More power to the European country code domains market.
Visit DNJournal for the complete listing.

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