Anything goes.

It’s Halloween, anything goes.
Here are my thoughts on selected domain sales as reported by DNJournal.
Leading the pack of somewhat unusual Domain names is selling for USD 80,000! That’s perfectly acceptable because the name is composed of only four letters and the high price brushes any questions aside. high price (selling for USD 35,000) can also be explained for its shortness of this name. Searches for both sites resolve to Chinese sites… (USD 28,000) must have been bought by the same company with a dot-in extension.
However, I wonder what (USD 20,000) is going to evolve into. This is not a site yet.  SeaWorld comes to mind. (USD 20,000!) could be another travel comparison site actually is on line as a ‘data recovery’ site.
Nintendo comes to mind when looking at (USD 15,000) let’s wait here for news from gaming news sites. Still there is no web site yet. (USD 13,000) sounds good too, maybe they offer some really great deals on flat Internet rates. (USD 12,000) must have been bought by a German recycling company since Germany will abandon all nuclear energy facilities all together and is now trying to get rid of all nuclear assets. (The site actually redirects to another web site). (USD 12,000) Misspelled? Without any site yet.
Here is a domain that probably could sell any domain or anything else for that matter: (2,000). (£4,500) is the site to click on when you are in real trouble.
At the same time it shows that having the wrong extension for even a two letter domain name can be pretty useless, as (only fetched USD 1,355) and (USD 1,600) shows.
The importance of a keyword loaded domain relating to a corresponding website cannot be overstated. Having perfect harmony between a business and its proper domain name will result in Google first page search results and increase traffic.
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