My, my, my!

My, my, my, would you look at all these two word and hyphenated Domains sold this week.
Here they are:
Two Word dot-com Domains:  $ 50,000 $40,000 $21,000 $20,000 $15,766
The above dot-com all made it into the top 20 of this week.
Remarkable also a two word dot-org domain, selling for $16,865.
Selling for exactly $ 5,000 are more two word dot-coms like,,,, and, plus many, many more two word domains for under $5,000 are complementing the list.
Rather than going with the much touted and expensive new extensions, it might just be cheaper to buy a two word domain and thus avoiding all the cost associated with the new gTLDs.
What is interesting, that the German dot-de market just continues to play by their own rules adding more and more hyphenated domains to the (German) domain world, like: €4,500, (My-Village) $2,025 $2,025 (Vacation-Italy) $1,553 (Carpet-Center) $1,350 $1,349
It pays, one could argue, not to include any Hyphen, as the domain sold for $3,500 by GoDaddy/Afternic proves.
Frankly I wouldn’t know where to insert the hyphens on this one, but I am sure there are several possibilities. – dot-com sold for $35,000,000 in 2007 and ever since the two word domains have brought in some real money as we can see in the latest sales report as listed at DNJournal for sales ending in November 3, 2013.

I wonder how much would have brought. Certainly not $35,000,000.
Hyphenated or not, visit for the domain name that’s right for you.