The little guys.

This is what comes to mind when you look at the latest county code domain sales for Austria and Belgium.
While the top sale, comes out with flying colors and a $2,300.000 sale, the little guys, country code domain extensions dot-be, dot-at and some other ccTLDs, barely register sales above EUR 1,000.
Over in Belgium sold for $1,995 and for $1,349.
In Austria sold for $1,283 and for $1013.
Other country code domains include small sales for extensions .fr, .es .de and .eu.
Judging from the above it seems that the dot-coms still have it as this week sales listing at DNJournal shows.
Unusual, because of its hyphen, is sold for GBP 24,001, for $30,000 and for $25,000 the latest being three word domains and fetching a very nice price indeed.
The infinite length domain of the week goes to selling for $2,356. Still while americanbuildingcomponents only returns less than 7,000 results by Google, american building components return over 10,000,000. Go figure.  
Moniker/SnapNames got lots of dot-info sold like $6,001, $5,500, $3,500, $3,351 and $3,210.
GoDaddy/Afternic concentrated more on dot-net domains as $5,388, $5,000, $3,000, $2,221 and $2,088 shows.
As we can see the buyers and sellers are a bit all over the place, it remains to be seen when we again will see a ccTLD going under the hammer with a big bang (or any of the new gTLDs for that matter).

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