December Sales.

There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to high prices being paid for top level domains.

As DNJournal shows in its latest reports, 5 of the top sales for the week ending December 15, 2013 are above USD 100,000.

Domains could hardly be any shorter and easier to remember as in $450,00, $230,000 and $138,000.

Other selected domains sold this week have been mentioned on our site under SOLD to give you an idea and some sort of guidance what the market is currently paying for similar domains that can be found in our inventory.

Other interesting and lower priced top level domain sales are mentioned below., and each brought in $10,000

Top level country code domains sold at very reasonable levels as shown in for €9,000, €7,999, and for only $5,550.

Even some three word domains did well with, and all sold for under $5,000.

Should you consider such top level domains as mention above for your business, I urge you to visit our inventory to select the domain that's right for you.

We offer domain names in a variety of language with many different extensions such as dot-com, dot-de and more.

We also offer you the possibility of a direct private purchase including escrow without any additional cost to you or the possibility to bid on any of our domains at the domain broker of your choice.

Happy Holidays!

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So much talk about new domain (endings) and look who’s still out on top.
The dot-coms have it again.

What makes this weeks of December sales so significant are two things: High prices and one and two word domain names.

Equally remarkable at fourth place listed by is a dot-es, PIZZA.ES, with a sale of €35,000 = $48,300.

Short, easy to remember domains with fair sales prices.

To find exactly just this kind of domain, please visit

Expensive, but worth it.

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