Worth The Investment

Two word dotcom domains being sold by a nice mix of domain name sellers and domain brokers dominating sales this weeks as reported by DNJournal.
Most of the major players, like MostWantedDomains, GoDaddy/Afternic, and Sedo and others not as often seen on this list such as HilcoStreamnbank and Flippa were able to score high sales.
Since Bitcom, the internet currency has seen serious decline last week, one can't stop to wonder if this domain would have sold for as much as it did, would the sale have happened after the recent Bitcom crash. However, BitcoinWallet.com brought in a hefty $250,000 in a private sale and took second place after Malls.com ($320,000).
Another dotcom, CornerstoneHomes.com took fourth place, sold by Sedo for a nice, round $150,000. The Website, already live, leads to soapbox, a website hosting company.
Below $100,000 we have a .co.uk - Stripe.co.uk, it was sold by BuyDomainNames.co.uk for GBP 19,999.
Sedo is presented with four sales in the top ten, and has another nice sale on the books with DreamExchange.com exchanging hands for $28,5800.
The second .co.uk sale with was sold by NoktaDomain for a two letter domain, WJ.co.uk for (only) $18,600.
Scrolling down and selling between $12,000 to $15,000 we see more two word domains like AspireTechnology.com, PropertyCapital.com and MRewards.com sold by Go Daddy/Afternic.
Sedo also sold AlHadath.com, TabletArt.com, ImperiaOnline.com, Buy3DPrinter.com and PhotoPic.com.
Any domainer should find it absolutely refreshing and encouraging, when domains bring in reasonable and fantastic prices, because it shows most domains are rightfully so well worth the sold price.
Domain buyers have good reasons to be happy too, seeing domains well worth the Investment.
I believe certain two letter, top level domains are currently even underpriced, I would not be surprised to see them back on the market, exchanging owners again for more money than previously paid for.
Finally let's have a look at more country code domains. Here we see a bit of interesting domain sales again with .co.uk extensions, but also .de .eu, and .co names. Check DNJournal for more details.
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Quite a bid

Obviously the Chines are are on a roll.

5 out of the top 6 domains sold with the highest prices are dotcn (China), all bringing in way above $100,000.

Otherwise there has been a very good mix of top level domains and country code top level domains having been sold in the week ending February 2, 2014.

Several dotco did also well, particular Sandwich.co at $18,000, and also Picnic.co and Random.co which each sold for $9,999.

Pretty high on this weeks list (other than.co) are several other country code domains like .co.uk, .us .eu and .de. Even a dotat (for Austria) made the list this time.

While .info usually does not get the attention it deserves, note that Labels.info fetched over $5,000.

Finally our attention was caught by a longer three word dotcom domain - LoveYourJob - selling for $22,500, which again proves that even several words domain names, as in this case, can be worth quite a bid (pun intended).

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We're on a roll, too ready to accept any reasonable offer.

Two Word Domains

While I know I have great domains for sale, at times somebody will disagree and not include anything I have in their for sale domain auction.

Because I believe that no domain is worth as little as only $70, I have always shun away to offer my names on ebay or flippa. Now there is hope for all domain name owners:

Witness the rise of the two word domain.

As the demand for 'good' domain names keeps on growing, and the domain market thanks to ICAAN is diversifying into 'extension chaos', witness the birth of the two name domain. (Even Facebook is composed of Face and Book, two words).

Dinosaurs and affordable one word domains have one thing in common; they are not around anymore and cloning is not really a viable option.

While some still believe the market is aching for one-word domains, cooler heads abandoned the thoughts of shelling out 6-figure amounts long time ago, instead investing money in web site design, promotion, quality control and service.

Coca-Cola, ExxonMobil, Mercedes-Benz, Taco-Bell, Post-it, Wal-Mart,  Phillips66, Berkshire Hathaway, General Electric, Dow Chemical, United Technologies,  Assicurazioni Generali, TeliaSonera, Novo Nordisk, HeidelbergCement, Hapag-Lloyd, Sanofi-Adventis are obviously not one-word domains. That did not stop them to become succesfull.

They are all trademarks of course and rather being fixed on having a one word company name, those global multi-nationals focused on having a two word domain name that described what they are manufacturing, producing or selling.

Domains sold in January, listed on my SOLD page could naturally become Trademarks as well. All it takes is to register a domain (not cheap) and thus no-one can touch the name, they would be protected by law.

And there is on more thing - if you thing only English language and dotcom domains are worth anything, have a look at domain sales for January 2014. (courtesy of DNJournal).

Thus, may we bring your attention to a Chinese word domain (wan dotcom) that someone just paid $800,000 for. And a Danish domain brought in a cool $36,500 (Rabatkodex dotdk).

It's a joke that some professionals thing a domain must be in English and have a dotcom extension - look at Witze, a German domain, worth over $ 30,000 in the January sale listings. And somewhat cheap, but from Austria was Lotterie with an .at extension. 

So the top 33 sellers so far this year contained 9 non dot.com extension, i.e. .cn .ca .net .dk .org .co.uk .de  .biz .at.

What would the world think if Rolls Royce would sell their cars only in the UK? The thought is absurd isn't it. Equally absurd is it to deny perfectly good domains access to the market, because it deprives the end-user of bidding and to acquire the domain that might be exactly what he/she is looking for.

Please note that all our domains, the two name domains even the one name domains (yes we still have some), the dotcom and dot whatever all are for sale at your favorite domain broker  by making an offer and, yes by placing a low cost bid to start an auction.

Below is a listing of two word domains available at domain-inventory.com.

1.     BermudaCabanas.com
2.     BikiniPreview.com
3.     BostonJacket.com
4.     BusinessTourisme.com
5.     CasinoMetropole.com
6.     CasinoPlaisir.com
7.     Changeant.com
8.     ChoiceTranslation.com
9.     ChristmasMansion.com
10.  CruiseSharing.com
11.  DestinationDeutschland.com
12.  EcarStations.com
13.  EurolandPharmacy.com
14.  FarkartenShop.com
15.  FahrradImport.com
16.  FloridaGlow.com
17.  Golfballset.com
18.  Golfballsets.co
19.  GrandLoup.com
20.  MallorcaBungalows.com
21.  ManhattanCore.com
22.  ManhattanVacancies.com
23.  NetbusKiller.com
24.  OrlandoSparkle.com
25.  OrlandoUniverse.com
26.  PenthouseHeaven.com
27.  SkylinePenthouses.com
28.  Smartsider.com
29.  SpaceTourisme.com
30.  SuissExport.com
31.  UponEverest.com
32.  ViennaCafes.com
33.  WDCGuide.com
             34.  Zitswipe.com

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