Quite a bid

Obviously the Chines are are on a roll.

5 out of the top 6 domains sold with the highest prices are dotcn (China), all bringing in way above $100,000.

Otherwise there has been a very good mix of top level domains and country code top level domains having been sold in the week ending February 2, 2014.

Several dotco did also well, particular Sandwich.co at $18,000, and also Picnic.co and Random.co which each sold for $9,999.

Pretty high on this weeks list (other than.co) are several other country code domains like .co.uk, .us .eu and .de. Even a dotat (for Austria) made the list this time.

While .info usually does not get the attention it deserves, note that Labels.info fetched over $5,000.

Finally our attention was caught by a longer three word dotcom domain - LoveYourJob - selling for $22,500, which again proves that even several words domain names, as in this case, can be worth quite a bid (pun intended).

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We're on a roll, too ready to accept any reasonable offer.

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