Worth The Investment

Two word dotcom domains being sold by a nice mix of domain name sellers and domain brokers dominating sales this weeks as reported by DNJournal.
Most of the major players, like MostWantedDomains, GoDaddy/Afternic, and Sedo and others not as often seen on this list such as HilcoStreamnbank and Flippa were able to score high sales.
Since Bitcom, the internet currency has seen serious decline last week, one can't stop to wonder if this domain would have sold for as much as it did, would the sale have happened after the recent Bitcom crash. However, BitcoinWallet.com brought in a hefty $250,000 in a private sale and took second place after Malls.com ($320,000).
Another dotcom, CornerstoneHomes.com took fourth place, sold by Sedo for a nice, round $150,000. The Website, already live, leads to soapbox, a website hosting company.
Below $100,000 we have a .co.uk - Stripe.co.uk, it was sold by BuyDomainNames.co.uk for GBP 19,999.
Sedo is presented with four sales in the top ten, and has another nice sale on the books with DreamExchange.com exchanging hands for $28,5800.
The second .co.uk sale with was sold by NoktaDomain for a two letter domain, WJ.co.uk for (only) $18,600.
Scrolling down and selling between $12,000 to $15,000 we see more two word domains like AspireTechnology.com, PropertyCapital.com and MRewards.com sold by Go Daddy/Afternic.
Sedo also sold AlHadath.com, TabletArt.com, ImperiaOnline.com, Buy3DPrinter.com and PhotoPic.com.
Any domainer should find it absolutely refreshing and encouraging, when domains bring in reasonable and fantastic prices, because it shows most domains are rightfully so well worth the sold price.
Domain buyers have good reasons to be happy too, seeing domains well worth the Investment.
I believe certain two letter, top level domains are currently even underpriced, I would not be surprised to see them back on the market, exchanging owners again for more money than previously paid for.
Finally let's have a look at more country code domains. Here we see a bit of interesting domain sales again with .co.uk extensions, but also .de .eu, and .co names. Check DNJournal for more details.
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