Not For Peanuts

Wow, what a fantastic mix of domain name sales we had this past week as reported by DNJournal.

Beside usual dotcom high flyers such as selling for $286,000 and at $100,000 we have a mélange of top level and country code domains, domains with hyphen, domains with 2, 3 and even 4 numbers in the name and even four words (!) domains (
It looks like everything is up for grabs and all that for $10,000 or more for the first twenty (20) highest priced sales for March, 2014.
A particular strong showing by Sedo, not only for most of the country code domains but also for other top level domains is noticeable.
Interesting is a sale of a dotfr (France) for $ 20,000 for and further down the list more dotfr with for EUR 5,900, for EUR 4,000, EUR 3,500. Additional country code .fr extensions are listed between $1,000 and $3,000.
As Domain-inventory carries many key word loaded domains, it is always of great interest to me what similar domain names have sold. sold for $25,000, for £12,950, for €10,000 and for $10,000.
Country code domains (ccTLDs) also sold well, as got €15,500, brought in €14,000 and for a nice $19,000.
And again the numbers had it – note sold for a cool $57,000, for €15,000 and for $15,000.
It makes me wonder what this insistence by some domain brokers is all about, to offer only domains without numbers, no hyphens, and as short as possible. Look at this weeks sales, wake up and smell the roses and see that the market has a mind all of its own - everything can sell and does! And not for peanuts either.
Please note that Domain-inventory has a whole section of '360' and other top level and country code domains domain names for sale and you can even watch videos about it.
Finally I like to point out that I am always pick out domains in my blog/review that are somewhat similar to what I offer for sale right here at Domain-inventory. This gives you a good base to compare prices. (Ours are very reasonable., and low priced). Most of my Sedo domains are available for 'BuyNow' price of only EUR499.00.
If you like any of the domains above, I can assure you that our domain inventory contains many domains that can easily matched with the above and most likely at a price you would love.
So visit our site and get the domain that’s right for you.

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