Whisky vs. Whisky

It's astonishing and remarkable, amazing and incomprehensible and basically leaves me speechless.

The domain, Whisky.us sells in January at $2750.00 and just a few weeks later Whisky.com sells for over $3,000,000.00 (yes that's 3 Million U.S. Dollars).

While I think that Whisky.us has been underpaid, it is a one name domain with a great top level (country code) extension, it definitely is quiet unique and everything a domain should be - a short one word, easy to remember domain name.

If Whisky.us would have been offered AFTER Whisky.com was sold, would it have brought in more and gotten a higher price?

Whisky.com on the other hand is way to high a price for a domain in today's market with all the different choices for extensions. It makes me think of Facebooks Whatsup buying price of $19millions and I wonder, is this for real?

But reading the story in DNJournal and similar stories elsewhere it comes down to the firm believe that the domain name(s) one owns, simply are worth the money ask for.

As any domain is a real unique name this sale again points to the worth of dotcoms and makes me wonder if any of the new extensions will ever rise to such tremendous value.

Only time will tell.

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