In demand and selling well.

For domain sales there's no such thing as April Fools Day as we can see for sales as reported by DNJournal's facebook page.

Hammering its way into the number one spot is, out of all things, a dot net ( with a whopping sale of USD 500,000.

The next 25 highest sales following this blockbuster are dot coms mainly sold through

Here again we see that the market has adapted to reality, because of domains containing two or even three words are much in demand and selling very well.,,,, and, all sold for over USD 50,000.

While some in the domain industry are vehement maintaining that only 'tradable' domain names are salable, the market, as seen by the most recent sales, proves otherwise.

Yes indeed, keyword domains with a dotcom extension still are and always have been top sellers, because a unique name is in many instances the only choice for a website or business if the name hits the nail on the head. Prime example: (sold for USD 45,000).

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