Remarkable sales took place during the last two weeks of May this year. Beside the three-million-dollar sale of sex.xxx,'new' extensions like .berlin (JobBoerse.berlin) and other non .com gTLDs, Domain Name Journal also reports several sales of domain names containing the number 360.

The following domains containing 360 have been sold in May 2014


 Very interesting also is the fact that 5 out of 6 are dot com domains.

As I salute and congratulate buyer and seller of all 360 domain names, I would like to point out that we are eager and ready to sell 31 similar top level domains - either through an auction and the broker of your choice by making a direct offer. As usually we offer a variety of extensions in a variety of languages as listed below. Available extensions are dot com, de, eu, us and co.uk. Most are in English with a few in French and German.

All, with the exception of BirdsEye360 are ONE WORD DOMAINS!  (Not counting 360, of course).
  1. Aussicht360.de
  2. Bier360.de
  3. Bijoux360.com
  4. BirdsEye360.com
  5. Cerveza360.com
  6. Circle360.de
  7. Circle360.eu
  8. Citrus360.com
  9. Domaine360.com
  10. Dossier360.com
  11. e360.us
  12. Hammam360.com
  13. e-Card360.com
  14. Fleurs360.com
  15. France360.co
  16. Lemonade360.com
  17. Lez360.com
  18. Lichtenstein360.com
  19. NYNY360.com
  20. Politique360.com
  21. Shiatsu360.com
  22. Solar360.de
  23. Stonehenge360.com
  24. Suisse360.com
  25. Thalasso360.com
  26. Travel360.us
  27. Vaticancity360.com
  28. Voitures360.com
  29. Yankees360.com
  30. Wiz360.co.uk
  31. Wiz360.com
For a little entertainment watch my YouTube video 360 posted in 2009,  proving again my domains are vintage domain making them even more valuable for anyone interesting in purchasing one or more of these valuable and unique top level domains.

For the 360 and all other domains sold during the last week of May 2014 please visit DNJournal and for our '360'domain name listing for sale please visit categories.

Please visit our site at Domain-inventory.com.

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