Content is King.

I get it. For web sites, content is now replacing SEO and key words. Add content to your web site or get banned from first page search results. Ouch!

Great. But what to do if you don't have much content? Or don't need, want nor can afford any, but still love and want your web site's acceptable or better search engine's rating. 

Let's find out about content and investigate a big guy: Amazon. According to Alexa, Amazon ranks amongst the top 10 most popular site in the world and number 5 in the U.S.

 - Amazon does not have any real content, all they do is sell stuff. 

To do that they have thousand upon thousands of links on their sites but do not get punished by any search engine for having so many. Search engines should classify Amazon as a a link farm. 

Many sites who sell merchandise , cars, electronics, travel etc, do not really have any content either, they just contain lists of links with the goal to sell. 

By the time you have tried to find the best deal, you haven't seen or read much of any content, you been hunting for a deal.

Probably one might not even remember all those visited sites while doing that, except for the last one with the best deal, but you had to click yourself through quite a few links. Content must be something else.

To me (text) content is what Hemingway wrote or Shakespeare, the Lyrics of the Beatles, the inside of National Geographic Traveler Magazine or for that matter Mums Family Cookbook. The best site with content I have found after all the years on the Internet is anything presented by TED, and that's content in video format.

Are we now periodically supposed to  come up with some Rowling-type short essays, just to please ever changing search engines algorithms?

All I want is to sell, I list each one, you inspect them and you move on or buy one or two. Even if you don’t buy anything, because your content does not match my name(s) I understand, I am really thankful for your visit.

Either you like my domain names or you don't. Frankly I don't think every domain is going to be liked on first sight, because you might not have any use for it. That's normal and understandable, but there are entrepreneurs and business who see and know right away that this name is what they've been looking for all along.

The right top level domain name that correctly fits products, merchandise or services are a match made in heaven.

Content can always be added later, or as is in most cases is already there.

If an item or a product contains a good enough picture, it usually does not require much of any additional content  either as most billboards will tell you. 

If a  brand is so well known that its symbol alone stands for the product then it does not need a lengthy description nor much content as Apple, Nike and McDonald's shows. 

When a product, solely by its name, delivers exactly what it means and/or what it can be used for, it would be redundant to add content to explain its purpose. 

Presently a web site's title, the URL, tells the visitor what's behind that name, thus make further description basically obsolete. The content should be  described in the web sites name.


If in the future, a site is rated only by content, i.e. what's under and behind the domain name, than a URL gracing the top of the site would becomes obsolete.

The trend is already happening, amplified by website who dare or don’t care enough and choose any name, no matter how unrelated it might be to the content of the web site.

It's going to be an ugly picture; just sit tide, wait 'till the dust settled and sanity returns.

 We are here just in case you need a name for your site.

As for myself, because of ever changing algorithms I am forced to write unnecessary content (as above), just so as not to slip away further and fall from grace from the almighty search engine(s).

 I'm afraid it's already to late.

Just like Amazon my domain selling site has hundreds of links and really nice logos. Not much content and too many links, too but the name(s) say it all.

I'm proud of it!

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