Summer Blues.

Originally I wanted to title this post 'nothing to write home about', but with the temperature rising here in July, the 'summer blues' title seems to be more appropriate.

As we always picking and commenting on sales, that resemble what we sell here at Domain-inventory, today I have a hard time to cheer about any particular sale.

In addition when Flippa appears on the list of domains sold, I start to wonder if all the pros have locked their offices and put their domains and themselves on ice for a while.

Before we all fall into a coma, let's just have a look what has filled our SOLD pages (courtesy of DNJournal) this third week of July. selling at an amazing $40.000, makes me wonder; what is it going to be used for? A party website, a fireworks seller, special event organisation? Your bet is as good as mine, the site is currently not on line.

And it's all downhill from here. (English/German) translates into 'online car exchange' and brought €15,000. Not so bad.

Than there is the Flippa sell for for $14,095 only. It shows how little respect the top level domains are getting when they do not have a dot com extension, and it makes me wonder how far up in price the new gTLDs will go.

The answer comes right up as shown in the sale of for a measly $1500.00 through Sedo. Maybe this was one of their no minimum sales event.

One country code domain, at least brought $5,000 which, in my opinion is just about the absolute minimum a top country code level domain should sell for. Sedo gets credit for this one, too

Don't despair  though, it is worthwhile to note that the top four domains being sold during this period are all way above $100,000 and all are They were,, and 

In case you own similar domains be assured your future looks bright.

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