Get the dotcom

It doesn’t matter how many new species we discover the lion will always be king.

And the extension king still is dotcom.

No matter how many new domain extensions are created, adding confusing choices for domain names, all attention is still taken by dotcom as we have seen in the latest deluge of dotcom sold in August, fetching prices that makes any gTLD and most ccTLDs cringe for envy.

Rightly so, or could you imagine a business with a country code domain name like a dotcn, dotru or dotin being successful on a global level?

Can a generic domain extension really capture a worldwide audience? What's the purpose of letting your domain name end with a .lol, .zip or .nrw extension?

And this is important to note: Whatever gTLD or ccTLD extension is chosen for a domain name, it still requires the same name with a dotcom extension.

The past has shown that extensions like .tel (yes, me too, I fell for them) kicked up a lot of dust and dust they became, right after launch, resting now at the ‘graveyard of misleading extensions’ with no sales and even less visitors.

Now, a domain name with a dotcom extension does not necessarily requires another extension at all. Names and Trades are protected and trademark names can not be used with any gTLDs ccTLDs or even another TLDs by someone else without breaking the law. Any violation of this fact lands the perpetrator in court.

Naturally we realize there is an evolving trend towards a local/neighborhood Internet, but the desire for global dominance of services, business and companies will always drive domain prices higher, for the most established and most recognized domain extension - the dotcoms.

So if you wish to have your own website, in your little neck of the woods, go ahead and register the gTLD of your choice. It does not cost that much to register. A domain ending in .berlin, .nyc or .paris will make you and the locals happy, but what to do if someone register the .com of your, the same domain name, or has done so already?

It could be double trouble - so get the dotcom and live happily after.

The king will not be dethroned that easily.