How to Buy.

It might not be that easy to choose the right domain name. But once you've found a domain you like and made up your mind to buy it, everything else is basically taken care of.

You will always have a few choices about the way you acquire a domain.

First think about the way you want to buy a domain:
Do you want to place a bid or do you want to make an offer?
An offer by you could be accepted or rejected, depending how realistic it is.
A bid will most likely be accepted unless it comes in too low.
You can make a bid and thus start an auction or you can join an ongoing auction increasing a bid bit by bit (pun intended).

Who will do all the work and negotiating for you, depends on who and which broker you choose.

Just pick a broker of your choice. And here comes the nice part. Domain brokers are professionals, with offices in many countries. When choosing a broker, you would next choose your country from a pull down menu or country listing. 

It gets better. Now you choose your language and you can call the broker directly, usually toll-free or send an email.

If you want to get real personal contact a particular broker you like and, voila now you're talking to a real person.

Contacting the domain owner directly is another choice you have. You negotiate the price and buy direct in a private sale.

You might prefer not to tell anyone that you just have bought or intend to buy a domain. As a matter in fact, the seller of a domain usually has no clue who stands behind an offer or a bid and domain brokers will not reveal your name so your privacy is always assured.
Finally, be assured that all of the above is done in a very safe manner, because of escrow. When you bought a domain your money goes to no-one, not to the seller and not to the broker, before that domain is not in your name (possession). Only then the escrow money will be released to the seller of the domain name or to the domain broker that brokered the sale.
Depending on the arrangements there might be or not be a fee for escrow but to purchase a domain does not cost you anything but the purchase price of the domain.

To sum it all up, you don't have to do much, just pick the right domain name, add content to your site and you're in business.

If you do have comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact me