Sacré Bleu

It is going to become a little easier to communicate in French, particular for native English speaker.
The reasons are the continuous infiltration of English words into the French language, as is manifested in the latest domain sales.
Who would have guests that out of all ccTLDs, the French now shaking up  the market with the highest country code domain sale this week,, selling throught sedo for a whopping EURO 99,000.
This got to be a wake up call for France that English is irreversible and unstoppable forcing its way into French expressions  and language.
Another tiny sale was ’ scraping up only $1,742, (makes me wonder where this one is going) - the French translation is spécialisé.
Further back in June we had a domain named changing hands for EURO 5,000; the correct French spelling is blanc.
Checking for French country code domains, in our SOLD listings, we have to go back to April - May to see sales worthwhile mentioning, but there are some I like: EURO 15,000, and EURO 22,000. Voila.
But even French domain name sales below EUR 5,000 seem to be far and few in between, however brought USD 5,000 in December 2013 while back in July of that year we found listed as a sale by sedo for EURO 17,650, at EURO 10,000 and sold for EURO 9800. Tiens!
But I am still hard pressed to find significient sales of French domain names with a top level extension.
We have listed a few key word loaded French domain names with dot-com extension available at
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Domains sales quotations courtesy of DNJournal. Visit DNJournal for more domain sales listings.