Selected Global Sales

As I always try to list only selected domain sales as they correspond to similar domain offerings here at domain-inventory, I did not dare to list the 1,000,000 dollar sale that did take place during the week ending August 3, 2014.

All sales for this period can be seen at

DomainGuardians did not guard at all, but sold it indeed for a cool mil. As I do not want to scare any reader away, this sale is NOT listed on my SOLD site.

However what could have been our sales and similar domain sales we also hope to achieve are listed. They include such nice middle of the road, two word domains as,,, and all selling for a comfortable 5 digit figure.

It could make any domainer all warm and fuzzy inside, seeing that dotcom is still doing so well and rewarding the sellers with a descend sale price for two word domains as mentioned above.

Four of those sale were managed by NameJet who also brokered quite a few other sales, this time out-doing sedo who must have send most of their agents/brokers on summer vacation.

Two country codes had a nice day as well with sold by Noktia and (there is sedo) proving  that is still worth almost a few thousand dollars and hyphens for the German market still find sellers these days as they always have done in the past.

Some dotnet domain called was sold for $7,835 and an info domain got just about the same amount of money  with - an info extension, undersold as usually at $7,555. Dotinfo always makes sense and this one should have gotten get more money, particular for a one word domain.

We have a look now at the previous week - should we discover anything worthwhile to write about, you can read about right here.

Highest Reported Domain Sales - Mon. July 21, 2014 - Sun. July 27, 2014