Your address, the URL (website address).

Take a guess what these web sites below have in common.

We left out the extensions (com,, etc) so you can concentrate on the names only.

All are in the same line of business, if you recognize one of the names, you probably guessed what business the others are in. Here they are:

Oyster, Environmentalgraffiti, Tingo, Nationaltrust, Sustrans, Theaa, Xe, Gadling.

Maybe you have guessed it: They are all travel websites.

These sites above are listed as some of the busiest website for travelers, getting the cheapest flights, reviewing hotels, restaurants, destinations, listing last minutes specials and comparing prices.

While they all have great content, their web site name does not match their content at all.

So why did they choose to have such unrelated names grace the top of the Internet real estate?

Was there nothing more fitting available? Maybe so.

As is well known by now the Internet address you need or want is today no longer available, or is it?

I believe that the right domain names are out there and available. There are thousands of domain name owners in the world, offering exactly the right top level domain for sale.  

So the reason the right domain is not getting bought right away is price?

Entrepreneurs, companies and business are simply not willing to pay a price for top level Internet real estate. 

So some website owner settle for mediocrity, inventing nonsense names, making up impossible word combinations and confusing future client with domain names that have very little or no relations to their business or website content.

This is bad business thinking. It is going to hurt your business in the long run, by not giving you the search engine results you want.
How in the world is any of the Internet addresses mentioned above can hope to become a quick household name such as Google, Yahoo or Amazon?
Impossible domain names are being used all the time; there are plenty of examples on the Internet on how not to name your web site. This is true for English language web sites and non-English language sites as well.
You get what you pay for still holds true to this day. A penthouse is going to set you back by quite a bit, at least more than a third floor walk up. Sooner or later you are going to get tired of the walk up and move to something with an elevator, but you can’t do this with an Internet address.
It takes time for your site to be listed, distributed and found across the web.  You can’t change your Internet address like your shirt, it might just end in a total PR disaster, cost you a fortune in lost business and customers.

Of course you know you do have great content, but wouldn’t it be nice to have an Internet address that makes sense and exactly fits your business and service?

Yes, we know content is king and always has been, but a domain name that exactly matches content is a win-win situation and gets you off to a right start - and with the right content you just can’t lose.
So before buying the wrong domain name, check all your option and invest in a top level domain so that your web site stands out amongst all others - just like that penthouse.

Your investment will pay off in the future.

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