How do search engines will deal with the flood of new domain names and their new extensions, also referred to as generic top-level domains (gTLDs)?
Not at all as we are learning, as it is apparent, what will count the most is not the website title, but its content. The title or URL, what a website is named, will become mostly irrelevant.

So your site could be named 'anything dot anything' - search engine will look beyond the URL, your domain name. Now the bots go and look inside your website and decide if your site will be displayed on a search engines page one, or be hidden in virtual waste land.

While it might make sense to Google and their ever changing algorithm, I don’t think rating a website by content alone is such a great idea. A website should have an identity by name, a fitting domain name.

Should we decide to revisit a site with 'no name', how are we going to find it again? How surfers are suppose to remember a sites domain name, if it has no relation to its content? How will people explain a great site to other users, if the sites domain name is so irrelevant that it's hard to remember nor easy to explain?

"Oh yes, you know. it is that site with that ahm... really funny name and the ahm… extension has to with… (?) Or (?) something like whatchamacallit dot I don't know ... Wait, it'll come to me."

With more and more people getting older and a bit more forgetful the Internet with one billion pages might just be on its way to become more confusing for some. And since the Internet is ever so multi-lingual a good, fitting name with a bang is essential.

We do understand the move, though; with over 1,000,000,000 websites online something has to be done to reduce the present of the unworthy and irrelevant.

It is comfortable to note that the most expensive website ever sold, have not left the slightest doubt in anyone’s mind what they are all about. Or would you question what's behind such down to earth domain names like Insurance.com, VacationRentals.com or PrivateJet.com?

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