Price Doesn't Matter

Last update: November 30, 2017

Price Doesn't Matter.

Here are a few examples showing how investment in high priced Internet domain names paid off well for domain buyers. The examples below show and explain, why someone paid considerable amounts of money, to own a particular domain and how they profit from it., a two-word domain, was sold in May 2014 for $100,000 by Heritage Auctions and leads to, which bills itself as the world’s largest supplier of firearms.

This is a classic example what you can do with a top level domain name, to direct more traffic to an existing website. According to Alexa, has a global rank of 23,361 and a United States rank of 4,766. Apparently, the $100,000 paid for was money well spent. 

For those not familiar with Alexa, Google is rated number one (1) and Facebook number two (2). Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web.

Another high-value domain,, brokered in February 2014 by the Castello Brothers, sold for a mighty $3,100,000. The site is up and running, and yes, you've guessed it, it's all about Whisky. The owners, a German company, called Media GmbH obviously had enough foresight to realize that, when a domain name meets the product or vice versa, it appears to be not that expensive. So to acquire it makes perfect sense.

Another million dollar sale, in August 2014, is, changing hands in a private sale for $1,000,000. The domain redirects to another website Type into your browser, and it will open to, offering price comparisons for finance, travel, insurance and more. Their Alexa global rank is 4,106 and status as number 153 (!) in Germany.

Country code domains, ccTLDs, do not often make headlines with huge sales, but, sold by sedo just a few weeks ago for Euro 99,999. (about $130,000). Not bad for a county code domain name with a French extension. Interesting enough, it too is up and running as a German dating website.

The same scenario can be found with, which was sold in March 2014 for $286,000 by Virtual Property Experts. The domain is used for another site, too. This one is an Australian hotel reservation website operated by a real estate corporation.

But high domain prices are not limited to only one-word domains.
Even a three-word Domain,, sold by DomainNameSales in August 2014, got $80,000. The website itself, by the same name, has an Alexa Rank of 1,314,937 and a U.S. rank of 233,048. is up and running as well. It was sold by DomainMarket in July 2014 for $40,000 and is owned by a Global Charity in the U.K. sold by sedo in June 2014 had a selling price of $50,000. In April of the same year, we had many sales of two word Domains, at $57,000, for $56,250, for $50,000 and sold for 45,000 just to name a few. All brokered by DomainNameSales.

Interesting is the fact that some of the domains are now back on the market, which leads me to assume, that an even higher price is going to be paid next time.

Even a domain with a number and two words and a dot-net extension, was sold for $60,000 by sedo in November 2013. That site too is using the domain for its website and has a great local ranking of 215,729 for the U.S. and fewer than 200,000 globally.
Just like top-notch real estate in the best location, the value and power of a top-level virtual property should never be underestimated.

The value and importance of the right domain in today's competitive market are such that price doesn't matter.

Sales courtesy of Ranks taken on September 3, 6:00 AM, EST
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Sales courtesy of Ranks taken on September 3, 6:00 AM, EST
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