Vintage Domain Names

Something Vintage usually reminds us of old cars, clothes, wines, movies or any aged or antique collectors items.

Vintage brings to mind cars from the sixties, Buster Keaton movies, Farmer's Almanac periodicals music from Jimmy Hendrix, The Platters, Muddy Water and other greats.

Most vintage products are reminiscent of times passed by and often have but sentimental value.

But when vintage is used in conjunction with a domain name, it stands for something exciting, new and unused.

A vintage domain is one that has never been used for a website, so it could also be called a 'virgin domain'. It is the perfect domain for a new website, start-up business or perfect to support a company, business or an already working site.

Usually registered years ago and not yet used for a website, a vintage domain, unless it has been used for monetization, has no past, neither good nor bad.

That makes it expensive but also the best choice for a new website or when starting a new company or e-commerce business.

Trying to create a vintage domain for future use is pretty much impossible because global domainers already have registered every domain name since the public opening of the Internet (about 1984).

An example of a vintage domain is the name, registered in 1998 and finally only now, in November 2014, being offered for sale by the owners. 

Such unique domains  are immensely valuable because of the fact, that the domain name itself fits precisely the content of the website for which it is used and should have additional  attributes, like a short name that's easy to remember.

Other global qualities are domain names that are comprehensible in several languages without having to be modified or translated, (such as holiday).

The combination of key a domain name, coupled with a top level extension such as dot-com or a country code extension, will assure a website is a success and achieves stellar results in internet searches.

Using the right vintage domain name to identify content is the perfect move to make sure a website gets the attention it deserves.

Rewarding owners with high web site traffic, top search engine results and possible trademark qualifications, the right one, two or even three word vintage domain is well worth the investment.

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