Tweets and retweets

Looking for the perfect website to be re-tweeted, I am constantly scouting the Internet, searching for worthwhile writings to be posted on facebook and twitter.

I start early in the morning, checking news sites CNN, BBC, N24 and facebook plus many other channels and newspapers to see what is happening.

Continuing this habit as the day progresses I am alternatively using English, German or French sources to get the larger and complete view.

Equally interesting but different information are postings at facebook. Here are news, videos, pictures and articles easily scalable by just scrolling up and down.

For most of the time I am looking for posting that are worthwhile a re-posting. And of that I do a lot, having tweeted 11800+ tweets for many years - today I have 1200 followers on twitter and 173 'likes'.

Actually I am daily scanning all available news and information sites for news that is related to and promotes domains and business with the intend to post information related to any one of my domains.

So when the news broke just today, that 'Google exec sets space jump record', I might post it, because I sell space travel domains.

While I have totally given up on placing affiliation logos or adds on my site, (because it does not pay at all), I believe bringing interesting, entertaining and business related news via facebook and twitter, could eventually make my domains and the domain selling site better known and increase traffic.

My 11800+ tweets are re-post of interesting news and information I have searched for on Internet. Sorry to say, but other than my blog and my websites, I do not publish much original content.

To be considered for re-posting on facebook there are (my) criteria a website has to meet.

Absolutely and very important is an eye catching picture or great graphics. Some sites like ‚Forbes’ will, in most cases automatically only add their logo to an article. I don’t like that, because it looks like I am promoting Forbes, so it will not get tweeted.

Sometimes highly interesting article do not, unfortunately, have any graphics or pictures at all - so they want make it as a re-tweet either.

Amongst them are most French Websites. The way many French websites are designed lets me assume that downloading in France must be painfully slow, because many French websites are design with so very little content, absence of graphics and with most exceptions, mostly boring looking as if it would already be considered a success if the sites appears in its entirety on the browsers before an impatient viewer quits to go look somewhere else.

Many Germans websites on the other hand, are loaded with affiliate links, ads, and little content of interest for business. No matter what the subject of a site or information, the ads pop-up, in your face, totally annoying the viewer and squeezing out real content.

Some German sites seem to take pleasure in lengthy educating and lecturing, without making a point, so it's not as easy to find a core sentence that could be used as headline in a re-tweet or facebook posting.

Beside while trying several times to attract the German speaking market, I have noticed that most of my French nor the German tweets never get re-tweeted. Even when posting at early morning CET.

Websites written in English are a pleasure and easy to work with. I like site whose ads to not get in the way of content and content that is up-to-date and interesting related to today's global business world, e-commerce issues and entrepreneurship. Many English language site are very informative and entertaining, including sites from the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

Next I am looking for the point in the text, what sums up the whole article, something that could be a headline.

Many website articles are written with the point being made towards the end, so I developed the habit of reading an article from the end up to the beginning. If no point can be found, or I miss it; the article is doomed and doesn’t get re-posted.

It is very interesting to see how long it takes, before a re-tweet or a 'your tweet got favorited' notice arrives by twitter. Often just a minute or two go by and someone re-tweets or likes it.

And than there are my followers which make me particular proud. I believe that something on my re-tweets and post must be of interest to over 1000 followers, which in turn pushes me on to find something even more interesting and relating to the domains which I am trying to promote.

Social media sites like facebook, twitter and others  give anybody the possibility to get their message across, particular when Goggle decides that a site or a sites content does not meet Googles standards and thus pretty much ignores you. Luckily new sites like 'ello' and others gives new and fresh ideas a chance.

As a domainer, entrepreneur, business person or company CEO you will find great sites and entertaining information when visiting the following:


What do you think, do you agree with the above? I like to hear from you. Contact me at the above channels or send me a message.

Thank you.