Interesting Sales

Here's a summery of interesting sales as reported during the last four weeks ending November 9, 2014

While we are awash in all kinds of superfluous new generic top level domains, gTLDs, there comes and sells for 1.3 Million U.S. Dollars.

Doesn't it leave you speechless!

Dot-berlin, dot-paris, dot-nyc might be en vogue right now and some of these new gTLDs will certainly take their place in the hall of fame in due time. But here again comes the king of domains, a mighty one-word dot-com, and everybody just drops their jaws, realizing that sales over and above a Million U.S. Dollars are still possible today.

Maybe they did ask for a little too much, as Breathe Luxury might have done, asking for a few Millions to many when offering,  because nobody bought the 'holy grail' of travel domain names.

According to the domain did not reach the asking price of 5 million GBP and thus a new auction date needs to be scheduled and we shall see what will happen next time.

A bit closer to reality we like to inspect recent sales as reported by DNJournal.

Reviewing domains that sold between $ 6,900.00 and $60,000+ we can confirm that two word dot-com domains still doing quiet well.

Sedo sold for EUR 50,000, also for $30,000, RookiePoker for $20,000, FamilyBox for $10,000 and a country code top level domain, Wettbuero for EUR 12,000. Even an dot-info sold for EUR 10,000,
The above domains relate to our inventory quiet well, since we offer many equally worthwhile top level domains with dot-com extension as well as country code and other TLDs.
3DFashion is an interesting name - maybe it will be used to sell fashion over the Internet. $10,000 seems to be the right price for this domain and to me represents the minimum it should have sold for.

Other country code top level domains are at EUR 11,940. The sale might have been been generated by the emerging and fiercely competitive new way of bus traveling in Germany. With one company going belly up, and ADAC leaving this hot new market, might become a new player to join the field for bus travel dominance. Currently the domain, is not active.

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