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Recent domain sales as they relate to our own inventory are very close to what we have to offer at Similar domains as those listed below and at our site are still available for immediate sale. 

We feature country code domains, short domains, top level and generic domains at reasonable cost and for sale at the domain broker of your choice through direct buy or domain name auctions.

Without further ado let's have a look what we like about domains having been sold at the global marketplace those past weeks up to the beginning of December 2014.

The stars, besides selling for USD1,261,000 and for USD1,000,000, were sold in a private sale at USD 140,000, and both at USD 50,000,  and sold by HuntingMoon at USD 42,500.

Besides these top level domains a few interesting top level country code domain sales are listed below.

Domains with a dot-de extension were plentiful, but some, like are English language domains with the extension, another prove that Germany continues to be totally comfortable with the integration of English words in everyday communication and in the German vocabulary.

Nice dot-de sales came in as,,,,,

And look at this, hyphens refuse to go away as those two sales demonstrate: brought in USD 7,995 (in December) and (another German extension domain) was sold for €7,500 =
USD 9,300.

Austria is also represented with a sale, and even the French joined the market with a sale of, translating as scooter according to Google Translator.

Don't count out dot-co domain extension either. was sold for
USD 17,000 (!) by (who else), sedo. Sedo, like so many times, pretty much again dominated the sales.

I haven't noticed any sales yet, but made the list. was sold for GBP 15,000, sold at USD 7,200, at USD 5,000 and at
USD 5,100.

Finally here is prove that most short and shorter domains are hard to come by, or why would something like,, even come under the hammer? As you noticed these are three word domains fetching descent prices as reported by DNJournal.

As you can see everything made the list this time; long domains, country code domain, domains with numbers and even with hyphens even mixed language domains. See our listing at al the way back to April 2012 at SOLD.

We encourage you to consider any of our domains in our inventory for your investment, your website or business. Our domains are key word loaded domains, top level only, that are waiting to grace the top websites with corresponding content.

In that sense I am confident that our domain names are exactly the right choice.

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