It's been some time now that he's gone.

How hard it was to experience everything without a partner.
It was easy to avoid everybody, but now after all these years she was ready to start something new.

The holidays were coming, her yearning to travel grew stronger every month and frankly she got tired of walking the dog twice a day. He was the one who always took care of the dog.

Some of her friends had tried to play match maker but the situations always ended in disaster, because the men she was introduced to, were not really what she was looking for.

Her local paper featured ads about people wanting to meet someone, but there were no pictures, just romantic promising and what she thought were unreal exaggerations. Some of these adds encouraged her to call, but all she got in the end was high phone bills.

It was pure coincidence that she ran into Maureen, an acquaintance from one of her Tupperware parties from the time when her husband was still alive.

Over coffee they talked about the good old times but the conversation turned quickly to men, marriage and money. Maureen had never been married but had an active social life, different men for different occasions as she puts it.

'You know' she said, ' I don't want to be tied down right know, you never know when Mr. Right comes along' she said with a happy smile. 'I just call a date, meet someone and see how it works out'.

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Everybody loved the water, the whole group wanted to be near or on the water. No matter which destination they choose, there had to be water, oceans, lakes, waterfalls or rivers.

Whitewater rafting had been a lot of fun, but looking back, thinking about their wipe-out, they knew they had bitten off more than they could chew and wanted to do something a bit more romantic this time.

On the other hand a cruise was something they though might have been a bid to passive and restrictive with to much time doing really nothing and than there's all that food...

It was not before someone mentioned the rivers of Europe and started to point out all the European discoveries that are possible with rivers going right through vibrant cities, quaint towns and beautiful scenery in so many different European countries.

Now 'all that food' was discussed from a quite different, more indulgent  perspective and they tried to outdo each other with a few French and German culinary expressions.

They talked through the night about the Rhine Castles in Germany, the Loire Châteaux in France, the Danube river in Austria and all the rest of Europe with storybook village and cities of light and life, thousand years of history, different people and colorful cultures to be discovered.

The many possibilities were so exiting and the time so right that they quickly came to a unanimous decision; it would be many river trips to the most interesting countries of Europe.

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