Our Domains

So, I finally broke down and gave flippa a try.

My current flippa listing is limited to a handful, but all top level domains and are offered through auctions. (Place your bid now).

Judging from some blog entries elsewhere on the web, it seems not everybody is thrilled to trade on flippa.

But considering the only other alternative, a market place, dominated by sedo, I think it's time to give flippa a chance.
Particular in light of the fact that flippa sold back in December 2014 for $120,000 and in January for $10,000.
While sedo is dominating the European market, in particular the country code domain sales, it remains a mystery to me that I have never received an offer,  nor having been contacted, despite the fact that I have listed hundreds of domains with them, since 2008.

Yes, my domains produce very little if any income, and no, we cannot boast of hundreds of visitors daily.
The value of domains is clearly visible in the key words of which they are made of.
Whatever your content or your business might be, there is a very good chance we have a domain name to match.
In addition we offer domains in three different languages, English, German and French and more, with 16 different extensions, mostly TLDs and ccTLDs.

To show what is selling and for how much, (updated today) I have recorded domains sold on my website going back to April 2012.

While this 'link farming' has also brought me the wrath of Google, who besides, sedo ignores as well, I thought it necessary to show what is selling globally and for how much.

Furthermore, my sold listing is an excellent source to check and compare prices before plugging down your hard earned money for '' or something equally overpriced.

Looking at past domain sales listings, courtesy of DNJournal, I am at least assured - compared with what is selling today - that my vintage, never been used, top level, country code, multilingual and generic domains are quiet valuable after all.

So, rejoice if you see one or more of my domains on flippa, (or DomainNameSales, Godaddy, and oh yes, sedo), place your bid, make an offer  or buy outright, because finally you know, you've found the right domain.