Today's Exciting Domain Market

Reviewed Nov. 30, 2017

February 2015 showed fantastic sales by with the top ten sales of at $241.000. March' domain sales as reported by DNJournal too, are as good and as reliable as can be. brokered by DomainNamesales makes this transaction one of the highest March sales at $150,000.

And so, the dot-coms have it again, and we see quite a few domains composed of two words with sales above the $10,000 mark, like,, and just to mention a few.

But there is something new. To be a bit 'unique' people now start to play with domains, by adding 'my' in front of an URL.  Since most domains no matter how long or short are taken this could open a whole new horizon on the domain market. While this has been going on for some time, we only noticed more of this phenomenon recently.

Thus, now we have selling for almost $10,000 and scoring a high sale at $45,000. Also, noteworthy and both sold even for $14,000 and $12,000 respectively. In 2014 we saw 'my' showing up for the first time in domains like,, and 

It's like starting an entirely new set of domain names. One of these days you're bound to notice a 'my' domain name popping up near you. Adding 'my' in front of any dot-com domain could solve the severe shortage of quality TLDs and would eliminate the need to deal with those pesky little gTLDs.

Again it is also worthwhile to point to the abundance of sold three-word domains. sold for $25,000 (by Most Wanted Domains), (sold by sedo) for $15,000 and the for $89,888. In February another big sale,, sold for $50,000.

In the past there had been strict ​requirements​ at times, imposed by domain brokers when you wanted to offer a domain for sale through an auction or otherwise.

Many brokers accepted only one-word domains to add to their sales list; hyphenated domains are rejected and, god forbid, no numbers in the title. Sure, a one-word dot-com is superior to others but have a look below what​ has ​sold.​ (with a hyphen) sold ​at almost $6,000, (with three numbers!) at $10,000 and in February sold for $30,000.

​There is a market for any domain if it fits the content of a website or describes the business ​with a catchy phrase, hyphen or not. (In Europe, with two or three hyphens in a domain at times it's a bid overdone, though).

Which brings us to the ccTLDs, the country codes. (relates to the printing business), sold for €12,000, went for €9,500, (cute seahorse) sold for €8,000 and sold for a low €4,500. The later being a one-word domain has been in my opinion given away to cheaply.

Interesting also a dot-us, not seen in a long time, sold for a fair price at $10,000. Rumors have it that dot-com make a come back. What comes back? They always have been top level. Just check past and current global sales at Domain-inventory.

To get the whole picture you should visit either or my SOLD section to get an idea and to compare prices. 

It will give you a pretty good idea of how much a domain might be worth in today's exciting domain market.

To get the right domain visit today.

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Updated Dec 2017

It was the most important entertainment event of the year.

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Weeks ahead of the event the gossip was all about the stars and the action.

Helicopters circled above; the police below was trying to keep order.

Satellite TV camera vans with their dishes toward the sky lined the street, and the hot dog vendor enjoyed one of his best days ever.

Trying to get to the box office was a useless undertaking; besides, two of the ticket sellers, faced by the mad mob and fearing for their life, just quit and had run away.

Ticket scalping reached new highs, and some who bought them turned around only to become scalpers them self.

Joe and Pam didn't have a clue about what was going on downtown.

Looking forward to the premiere they were still lounging at home getting ready for this top-rated event.

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National and global think tanks had delivered upbeat results and confirmed that now was the time to launch, confirming something so totally seductive, new and so amazingly thought out just hadn't been done before.

A product sold in such an appealing, consumer friendly package, underlining femininity, was sure to increase sales and become an international success.

Launching in France was the perfect way to start this campaign, first in several Paris locations and future down the road expanding and conquer markets worldwide.

The beauty of it all was that nothing similar had been created before, together with the fact that it was nouveaux it was simply a brilliant idea.

One decisive step was to launch it with the confidence and approval of important in-house departments who trusted VENUS because of the excitement it created.

Because it was absolutely innovating, romantic, trendy and new, VENUS would be an industry shaking event. A media storm was sure to follow its introduction.

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