​"No, we usually don't sell only one piece. Most of our customers would be afraid that we would think they' re broke if they didn't buy at least several pieces from our collection. There is something for everyone here and if not, the Neiman-Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and others certainly have their clientele, too.

For the mega stars we close the store for a while, even during the day and  lower the shades so they have the privacy. The paparazzi always manage to get a shot or two anyway, but often it is wanted that way, you know.

Sales are in the thousands of dollars and those credit cards do not have a limit. On occasion, when a mogul does not want to leave his mansion, we take selected pieces or an entire collection to one of the private estates.

Our sales people have been with us for many years and are well trained. They are very professional when presenting rare and expensive pieces in the store or in a more private setting.
Not to long ago we just walked over to Beverly Hills Hotel, with security escorts of course, where you-know-who was staying with his new fiancee and we sold an extraordinaire piece right there in the Rodeo Suite. The story broke and the papers were full of gossip about it.
Our clientele always has been international. We used to employ two Japanese sales persons, but had to let one go just to hire a new one for our Russian client. The biggest spender, however are royals from UAE and Quatar, we also do well with Chinese clients, who often buy through a daigou, a middleman.
Sometimes their Rolls, Bentleys and Teslas would circle the block for hours before our customers make their choice. Some even bring their own photographers to have prove that something so outrageously expensive was indeed chosen and bought as the gift for themselves or for a special occasion. It's an investment, you know and occasional a piece finds its way back into the store, but that's rare. It brings more if it's sold at Sotheby's or Christie's.

We enjoy being here in one of the most exciting part of Greater Los Angeles for so many years now. We all are part of a unique American place selling to those, who not only have the money but also enjoy spending it.
Whether it's Tiffany, Bagathell, Agent Provocateur, Bottega Veneta, and all the other globally known brands on Rodeo Drive we so love, this is all part of a unique, exciting and very normal Lifestyle.  Call it Beverly Hills Vanity". 
"Bye now, it's been such a pleasure talking to you, Darling".